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10/14/15 Virtues Session 22: Lone Survivor

Kotri Steelreaver
Kotri Steelreaver opened her eyes, aroused by a sound from her unknown slumber. The sound was like breaking glass but with a resonance that was vaguely familiar. Where had she heard that sound before? The moments stretched before her as she remembered where she had heard the tonal shattering; it was when she and her lost legion of Melairkyn dwarves were transported from Toril to the Abyss.

Above her and from the edge of a towering butte of earth several humanoid figures peered down at her and her fallen comrades. They were somber in their countenance, then she realized one was a dwarf!

Hail and well met! Are you trapped here as well?” she shouted with a voice she hadn’t used in… years?

Nay good dwarf, we are but travelers upon the Ways.” Came the reply from an elf in a dialect of the realms. Then she realized each of the travelers represented different races, there was even a drow elf.

After a few moments Kotri was in their presence. She felt calm for the first time since she was lost here in this broken wasteland. The elf Rydin Meirdarel spoke of a quest for virtue, something she had hoped for when she enlisted with her fellow Melairkyn, but now she realized that was just a means to an end and that all her choices had lead her here in the fellowship of this realms-elf who offered his leadership going forward.

Our session began after piercing the veil between Earth and the Ways with the sensation of falling. The fall seemed more than natural as if we were being throttled through a distorted aperture between realities. Dramen was able to concentrate slowing himself as it appeared we were falling toward a maw-like pit.

Coming to rest upon on a two dimensional dream-like reality we were attacked by strange creatures trapped here by their own demise. After defeating the creatures the environment shattered and we again fall upon a plateau and a broken volatile plane filled with eldritch storms; a wasteland. Below the plateau, fifty feet or so down, we see scores of dwarven corpses and a lone survivor a dwarf named Kotri Steelreaver.

After accepting her into our fellowship we were reminded that traveling the Ways comes at a cost because none of our extra dimensional items of magic worked, what other changes would our travels wrought?

Temporal storms gathered on the horizon prompting us to continue our course. We did not seem to tire and soon realized that time would pass differently as we passed through different areas of the Ways. Other planes reached out to the Ways tearing bits and pieces away creating an incongruence of realities.

We soon came to a narrowing and two paths that seemed to lead the same direction. Traveling further we come to fresh air and idyllic green canyons; we seemed fully rested and untapped as to our personal abilities.

Syrendross briefly communes with Shar and while his host personality was not personally familiar with this portion of the ways Syrendross was able to intuit that time ran backward here at four times the normal rate.
Denizens of Leng

We soon became aware of a battle joined by denizens of Leng and strange planar giants. We pondered whom to aid and soon discovered the denizens to be very evil and that the giants were here to vanquish them. We decide to aid the giants, but lost Rydin and Kotri to toothy-maw pit in the process. However knowing they were not dead we pressed the attack and defeated the denizens of Leng (some of the survivor’s plane-shifting away) and earned the trust of the giants.

We recovered what we could and introduce ourselves to the giants: Arkor, Zaphir, Goring and Pangzel. They explain their elder (named Kimit) could help us find our lost companions after they carry their injured comrades of which there were two.

After an hour of travel we are brought to a breach by which the giants were able to access this level of the Ways: a 300 foot waterfall. The fantastic waterfall would not prove to be such of a much for the giants but the enormous weight of the falls would surely crush the rest of us had not Dramen conjured a crystalline bridge for us to travel under and after another ten minutes we were again taxed for our passage in the Ways and ultimately exhausted.

On the other side we see a giant landscape of foothills, crags and peaks filled with oversized flora and fauna with a central mountain with a large eastern stylized castle upon its zenith. We travel for two hours observing the caste system of giants that numbered around a 100 to 150 species of giant folk. Food scented the air and as we were introduced, gifts of gratitude were bestowed upon us; after a time we were shown a small cave and given food and allowed to rest.

We are awarded 3,840 XP and pick up with a meeting with Kimit the elder before going after Rydin and Kotri.

(3) leather armor +1
(3) studded leather armor +1
Belt of Thunderous charging
Belt of teeth
Belt of dwarven kind
Coin and gems from the denizens of Leng yet to be determined

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