Monday, October 19, 2015

Search and Rescue

Kotri Steelreaver was shaken awake, momentarily confused at the strangeness of her surroundings; she eyed her commander’s squire who had shaken her awake, assuring the young dwarf that she would report to her commander immediately.  The squire departed the dwarves’ extra dimensional space that provided the legion a safe resting place during the Melairkyn crusade.  Despite the guaranteed safety of the magical space Kotri could rarely achieve complete rest there and frequently suffered nightmares.  
City of Brass

Kotri quickly donned her leathers and stepped out of the space the dwarves called their “huts” into the immense heat of the burnt planes outside the City of Brass.  The City of Brass lay just inside the Elemental Plane of Fire along an area that bordered several other planes, riddled with portals and magical dangers. Commander Ikestone’s command tent was a two hundred yard jog from Kotri’s hut giving her enough time to wonder what item or items the commander would require her rescue team to recover.
Estasia a beautiful Azer conjurer approached from the Commander’s tent just as Kotri saw the rest of her team nearby prepping their flying carpet, a reward from a local Efreet.  “Kotri, it’s horrible, the Commander and his personal guard have all been taken by Demons!” exclaimed the flaming woman. Kotri let her gaze wander past her Commander’s rumored lover to study the frenzied activities inside the tent where a dozen dwarves of varying ranks all above Kotri’s argued among themselves. Kotri realized that this wasn’t a recovery mission but an attempt at rescue.
Vanos Melair
As Kotri entered the tent she recognized the powerful voice of Vanos Melair order everyone silent before speaking, “Demons have not only come into our camp and stolen possessions nor simply slain but have taken ten of our number to serve as slaves to the debaucheries of the Abyss! I say thee Nay! We are prepared for this day and send our best to save them or end their suffering.” At Vanos’ words the dwarven leadership turned their worried gaze to Kotri and after a moment’s pause, Udall Melair began to explain, “Somehow the demons were able to attack them from within their huts…”
Udall Melair 

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