Saturday, October 31, 2015

Second thoughts

Inasia had narrowed her choices down to three primary locations that she could count on Melandrach Olithir being with regularity.  She needed to pick one and prep the location yet was hesitant, for the first time in her career; she was wavering on whether she would fulfill the contract.  The Duke was dead, which meant she was probably smack dab in the middle of a coup d’├ętat.  She could walk away of course; the problem with this was usually when one assassin says no or fails, another is sure to follow. Inasia’s issue was that she liked Duke Calias Bouvet and respected Melandrach.  The elven woman was looking over several bolts of cloth, her thoughts interrupted by The Seamstress, “Your patron suggested this fabric, saying it comes from Moshea..” Inasia accepted the cloth and left The Seamstresses anxious to find and decipher the communication within the cloth.

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