Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review 11/05/2014

After defeating five of the six giant hoarders we discover they all share the same jack and irons tattoo and come outfitted with giant potions and equipment. We also find an ancient wall map that Erilis later explains that the triangle coast map indicates three ancient ruins the giants have discovered. We also find twenty-five silver bars worth 25g ea., two bricks of *starmetal, 40k in gems, and 10 k in metamagic possibilities.

The battle was impressive by ogre standards and could be heard- possibly seen from Nimbus. This brings out many Nimbusians as well as Erilis who dispenses with magical healing upon our return. It was his honor to receive us and to be our recognized spiritual leader in Nimbus. With Earthbreaker we fly to the temple and are treated to a ceremony that lasts until the next morning. Blood is sacrificed increasing our breath weapon damage to x3/day and 1/2 HD damage, we also age because we are now 15th level bitches! We also fall into a scrying slumber whereby each of us make surprise visits across Terra.

Jaren focuses on Youvalan who is speaking with a messenger. Cryptically Jaren says "Now I, see you." After some back and forth it was revealed the note given to said messenger was for us extending an olive branch. Basically saying we are all on the same side when it comes to Caulstrum.

Auge focuses on Katarina who was on the deck of a ship; not in her draconic form, but humanoid. By appearances Auge guesses Katarina had been injured in her dragon form but her human form had no discernible injuries. The ship appeared to be sailing in a westerly direction, presumably to Africa from Stormhaven.

Versel sets his thoughts to the closest embodiment of sin and discovers Concupiscentia (or Tentigo) a dragon of lust. Filled with lustful thoughts Versel wanted her. "Seek me in the Black Forest." A 'Sherwood Forest-ty' destination filled with an imbalance of life and debauchery.

Durg focuses on the dragon of wrath and finds an Eastern dragon laying waste somewhere in the East, leading her armies invisibly from the skies.

We begin next game session the next morning in the temple.

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