Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review 11/12/2014

After our rest, some of awoke to newly expanded understandings, spells, discoveries, and an extra attack. Versel is now considered the 5th best combatant in the world and could qualify for the prestigious mantle of monk of the north, west, ect. One of the other 4 is a half-dragon. Also, something had scried or perhaps messaged us during our deep level slumber. 

Over night Sorosh camped with the ten remaining ogre barbarians boosting morale and providing of feast of food and water. Treasure was also dispersed rewarding their diligence. 

At the docks Jaren and Versel notice that all the ships, save for our own, have fled in response to our impressive rage against the giants. Flying about they make several discoveries. The undefeated's castle used to be here before it was raised into the sky and a key into it's truename and re-truenameing this location. Elementals, unseen aquatic elves, animal life- all came to witness Jaren's magic at work. 

Intuition indicates the 'petitioner giants' (truename discription) are looking for the original location of the undefeated to petition for membership according to the map and other evidence collected. 

Jaren proceeds to play his lyre of building to begin constructing new larger docks. During this time Jaren appreciates the land bringing him closer to its truename. Accompanied with Versel to ensure Jaren's safety as several individuals gather within viewing distance. 

Auge spends his day adding a new ability to Versel's cloak. Durg patrols out in a five mile radius around Nimbus. During which he sees humanoids, possibly catfolk or other natives, briefly before they disappear. 

10 pm brings Lopel's Founder's day Mixer. Gathering in one of the old estates on the hill (20 houses on the hill), handlers usher us to a private meeting with Lopel where he tells his rise to popularity, how he broke social barriers, the rewards he has received by revering Tiamat, and his new wife. 

Gardeners were planting red flowers, and replacing old fixtures with symbols to Tiamat and greed. A larger building behind the estate, a nondescript 3 and 4 tiered building with high arcs ideal for flying creatures like us. 

Lopel and his wife gift us with a map of trade routes with appropriate features and information for us. He also mentioned tributes from the score of families some are here  in a safe, some are at the temple and others come in the form of recipes and formula. Lopel reveals his desire to declare his trading house under ours. 

Talk transitioned to who are the leaders of Nimbus? Are we to be leaders? There is no leadership. So form a government. Governor Lopel? We confer with Lopel heeding his opinions - many heads one voice. 

Many of the score of houses as well as river captains were here to press the flesh, make sure they will live to see another day, and hope for the best. To be detailed later. We gain two river ferries and decide to mint our own coin in the coming weeks/months (Auge suggests a hidden symbol for greed be used in the design of the mold. Action die HO!)

Barbazu was introduced as a peace officer; the two wizards, as mages under our house for an eventual formal mage-school; Sorosh as Jaren's manservant and our ambassador of first impressions; Savidia, a crafter under our red banner. Mixer ended at 3am. 

The next morning Jaren commits to a marathon jam session completing the new docks. All 20 houses came to witness the draconic power at work and their new future. Created were 15 docks: 5 major, 5 medium, 5 minor. 

Meanwhile Auge continues to work on Versel's cloak, but takes time to contact Tenovive the catfolkman thanking him for the tobacco (three fishing boat loads: 100 gp of 3 varieties) and inquired about his destination. His answer Salus Ridge, a river city on our new map of trade routes. 

Durg gets back to nature and the diplomacy tree. Feeling eyes upon him, Durg does not see the elusive creatures but did find the ogres out looking for suitable mounts. 

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