Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review 11/26/2014

Auge and Sorosh return from the jailer’s prison with some disturbing information: the trap was armed with truename magic from forces of the jailer; with our protections against magical intrusions, the jailer’s forces are confirmed to be targeting those individuals close to us; and despite the vertigo Auge remembered seeing Tamros but he was farther along in whatever process Tamros is in.

Once reunited we receive an urgent message from Maycorth- he is being followed and is fearful but does not wasn’t to lead these individuals to us. Taking to the air above Lowport we see that the areal traffic is greater at night and insects are not much of a nuisance, in the distance was heard fighting on a grand scale. We also notice large flying creatures in including lizard-men and draconians. Scattered about on the streets, appearing as if they are actively searching for something or someone, are individuals who are going building to building- one in fact was on a rooftop.

Evacuating Maycorth three of us return to the Blood Barge while Versel expeditiously kidnaps the roof-dweller. The dweller proved to be a drow member of the Verbond group who was secretly tasked with observing Maycorth. We asked him about the Calypso, and while he seemed to recognize the name his did not indicate any knowledge of dragon eggs. The drow reports to Darkmantle and informs us that many of the leadership of Verbond are drow. He indicated that Leander might know something, but by this time he probably saw his end coming. And when it did the drow’s body was consumed in ash his pact or agreement met. Recovered: Major ring of electricity resistance 20 (14,000), Shoes of Lightening Leaping (10,500), Cloak of Resistance +4 (16,000), Cats eye crown (18,000), +2 short sword, Periapt of Protection from Curses (12,000), Amulet of Spell cunning (10,000), Vest of Surgery (3,000), and a Belt of Giant strength +2 (4,000).

This was promptly followed by dinner and scrying on his family for desert. It would only take the teddy bear to find Maycorth’s wife and son being carted away to an unspeakable future.

Jaren teleported us to the site, to Starpoint a five-pointed crater in the side of the land creating a high rimed depression that allowed enough ocean in to create a small discrete harbor. At each star point was a highly radioactive deposit of starmetal that harried spell-casting and super natural abilities. At first glance we see unfamiliar beasts of burden (a giant slug for one), giants and giant-types, as well as a group of drow returning to their tunnels with a group of slave-dwarves.
Jaren rescued Maycorths family, Auge performed a snatch and grab of a dragon egg, Durg spills the blood of the Egyptian slavers (and finds a lead lined box with starmetal shavings and a Verbond group signet ring, a magical key and a stamp of a purple serpent), and Versel lay’s out several giants attempting to chase down the drow. After reuniting again we see that the drow have gotten away, but Jaren is not dissuaded from investigating further and detects for dragon eggs a thousand-plus feet in all directions and finds one. On a ship out at sea we find drow, derro, and other underdark races (illithids) that seem to be finishing with some great task. Preparing for a visicous confrontation for the egg we overhear the name of the drow that appears- their leader Yermgar and ‘the necromancer’ Rikashull.

We begin next session with battle for the egg

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