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Review 11/18/2014

Lowport ! At last we arrived at the city we had heard of, read about, researched, referenced - but had not seen. Trouble was afoot, however, as Sarosh and Auge did not appear over  the river docks of Old Port with us. Sarosh was able to deliver a brief message that he was helping Auge, but they were being delayed and diverted. They would catch up with us soon. Fearing a trap for us as well, he pulled a follower, Potior, into the teleport and delivered him with the rest of us.

Appearing over Old Port, we peer across the Low River upon Newport, smelling the audacity of wealth perfuming their air. Speaking of air, it is filled with a dingy cloud of jungle insects. It is much less congested over the sea and river, but the skies over Old Port, and the ground, and all you carry, and anything that sets still is covered with bugs. Our scales offer us enough protection that we can easily ignore the bites and stings. Durg notices a flock of crows taking off in pattern: it is learned later that the folk here use such murders to determine how far away incoming ships may be.  Versel and Jaren both notice some magical auras that spring into being on the New Port docks, as well as some unfurling flags and a lot of scurried activity. On the docks below us, weapons are drawn, and people prepare themselves for trouble.

Within a couple minutes, a group of six well armed and armored ogres approach us, proving to be the body guards of a half-elf named Leander who says to us " Welcome to Lowport, as you are always welcome for business." He and Maycorth recognize each other from 'the  Delbelagio Party'. In introduction Leander says he is our man, whatever our needs are, from business and contacts to real estate. Maycorth slyly comunicates that he is a thief, and he seems to have a retinue of roguish types in the immediate area. Maycorth asks some pointed questions about the people he is looking for, after which Jaren suggests to Leander that he is most interested in eating.... something. Taking the hint, Leander leaves saying should we need him, he is "over in Ribbers" (evidently  a neighborhood). A the conclusion of this meeting, Maycorth is fairly certain Leander is a merchant that has dealings with the slaver group he is looking for. We split, leaving Maycorth to press the docks for information while we check things out and try to find a house or place to rent while we stay here.

As we begin to wander, we overhear a lot of discussion about the red-fanged trolls, apparently a force that the Lowport army is battling and having some trouble handling them. The battlefield currently lies between Lowport and King Kazzurog's realm. We spot a river barge, a large one, and it inspires us to try to rent the riverboat for a week. It seems a perfect location to keep an eye on these busy commerces. Ebson, the barges owner, agrees to an offer of 500  gold weight and offers an exotic looking man, Daymar, as sacrifice and city guide. Daymar looks to be a sorcerer of drow bloodline, or possibly a drow half elf. He takes us first to a fine restaurant, Johanson and Johanson, where we feast on meat sandwiches ( a 25 gp dinner). Over dinner, much is discussed and we become comfortable with each other. We agree to three months living cost (150) as payment to Daymar, and this opens up a much more informative relationship. He seems greatly reassured when we tell him we are paying him for his perspective, not our success. He tells us of a carnival that operates just outside Lowport's wall, that only closes during the rain season. It first arrived about ten years ago. He tells us of a great pyramid of gold, constructed by wealthy dwarves. The temple, he believes, is heavily involved in the slavery trade that seems to hang over the city. He calls it Pyramid Hill. It was built about ten years ago. Besides these dwarves, the 'normal' dwarves of Lowport are basically of two types, or maybe bloodlines; Limerock dwarves, and Downdour dwarves, said to be named after their surly demeanor. He speaks of a 'noble' family of Lowport, the Garsin Family. Described as among the oldest wealth in the city, they are notoriously ostentatious, and said to be able to trace their ancestry to ancient times. He says they will almost certainly be contacting us soon, and advises us to wait for them to make their introduction, and then allow them to introduce us to New Port. He also tells us of a company of allied merchants called Imp Town Curiosities. As their name implies, they deal in all the wonders of the world. In addition to two shops in New Port, they run regular wagon routes throughout the expansive city of Lowport and its surrounding farms and jungles. Daymar also speaks of a place known as "The Castle". It is a New Port business, and is the premiere supplier of components for spells and magics of all sorts. Also, in the category of general news, he explains to us that we are not the only half dragons here, and that folk are fairly accustomed to big humanoids, including half dragons. He also clues us in that half dragons are often used to take care of the industries that merchants to the wealthy didn't report for taxing and such. Slavery was one such industry, and while slaves weren't bought or sold in Lowport, they certainly were at the docks.

It was decided by all to seek out a wonder wagon, and it did not take us long to find one. The wagon was found by a group of natural water springs led by a pair of donkeys and a gregarious halfling named Spicy Limpkin. Waving at the wagon and all of its contents he offers the lot of its contents for a mere 2500 in merchant weight gold. Seeing we are intrigued, he allows us to open its many cleverly stacked drawers and cabinets and inspect the goods offered as we banter. He explains he is eager to sell for a bargain quickly to clear his wagon space for the incoming trade season. The latest return of the crows indicate a large number of deep ocean sailing ships a mere three days from port. This is likely the first wave of trade from Stormhaven, but its hard to know for sure. Durg finds and purchases a satchel of maps, one of which is a truenamers map. Spicy goes on to reveal that he has favored trading status with King Kazzurog, and indeed claims to be friends with him. He is the only merchant in his company (Imp Town Curiosities) that is allowed to travel and trade within Kazzurogs realm. Versel discovers a book with a symbol emblazoned on the cover. It is the symbol of The South Wind, and the books details disciplines and exercises practised by a Monk of The South Wind. When Versel inquires about dragon egg, Spicy is incredulous, and states that Kazzurog has asked him to be on the look out for dragon eggs expected to arrive soon from Stormhaven. He even drops the name Uvrok "a dark dwarf, or something from a company known as Twighlight House" as the supplier of the trade. Hmmm. Jaren finds a scarf embroidered with Maycorths family crest, and.....a genie lamp! He buys the wagon load for the 2500, and asks about the strange symbol on the bottom of the lamp, some sort of sigil or seal. Spicy proudly proclaims that while most people would say it is a symbol of the eye, it is not. It is a symbol of  magic from ancient times, perhaps of an ancient magic god. Aside from many bauble and trinkets, a collection of loot for less and the lamp are the prizes for Jaren the Thrifty, and we bid farewell. He offers companionship if we leave the city and wish to travel along his scheduled trade route. We left off anxious to reconnect with Maycorth and our intrepid but misplaced teleporters.

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