Thursday, November 6, 2014

(Shadows of Waterdeep) The Veiled Society I

Halam leaned forward resting his bony hand in the dirt he reached and planted the small sapling. It has been over a decade since the godsfall and for the noble patriarch gardening was meditative and free of the complexities of political and highborn life. He was a warrior, Halam did not flee from it but in his twilight years he preferred to be the one pulling the strings. 

For hours Halam would work his rooftop garden, not just for the open sky but because it also gave him a brilliant vantage of Waterdeep, his would be kingdom, by which  sprouting new ideas in which to seize more political control and influence over the Lords of Waterdeep. Never in the one hundred eleven year history has his house been better positioned to strike at their enemies. Power is in the hand and how you choose to employ it: open to manipulate or closed to destroy.

Halam stood up as a familiar ache returned to his left leg, an injury suffered during the ruinous godsfall, and looked toward the sunrise. Behind Halam three other men of the house joined him as expected. Halam looked carefully at each of them Chimak his crewel but regal son, Radu his bastard, and Cauldyth his low-born brother in-law, trying to assess their apprehensions toward today's activities.

"Is it so? Do we know that Lady Gloriana Cassalanter will be participating at today's Moonfeast?" Halam asked his assembled family. 

"Yes father," Chimak said proudly, "She is to lead a host of clerics during the Parade of Maidens from Castle Waterdeep." His eyes reflected both love and pity for his crippled father. 

"The members have been informed. All will be ready," Cauldyth sofly rumbled from the side. 

Below in the streets, merchants and performers were prepairing for the holiday festivities. "And our friends, Radu, do they suspect a movie?" Halam asked curtly. 

"My spies report nothing father. No one suspects a thing." Radu said quickly dropping his gaze from his father's eyes. 

"Very good, Then we will proceed." 

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