Sunday, November 23, 2014

(Shadows of Waterdeep) The Veiled Society IV

Cauldyth watched as Halam Umbrusk chopped various peppers from his garden, smiling. Inside the sterling kitchen a large cauldron hung over a nearby fire was a stew to which Halam added his vegetables.  The kitchen was uncomfortably warm, but the smells of meats and spices more than made up for the heat.

Over the past few days it was whispered in the Umbrusk house that Halam approved of Radu’s actions in killing Lydda Artemel, some also say he condemned the murder depending on who you spoke to in the house; either way Cauldyth noted with unease that Radu was smiling and looked as cocksure as ever. Cauldyth hoped that Chimak and Radu’s uselessness would leave Halam no choice but to turn to Cauldyth, now that notion seems to be at risk.

“So explain why you have called us here.” Cauldyth asked insistently, immediately taking control of the reunion. “I am a very busy man Halam.”
“I will get to you in due time Cauldyth,” Halam said pleasantly as whipped his hands, studying him. “First, I would like to talk about Radu.”

At the mention of his name, Radu’s smile wavered slightly, a subtle tell that encouraged Cauldyth’s own aspirations greatly.

“Radu, there was a murder a few nights ago. Did you anything know that?” Halam leaned forward scrutinizing his son.
“Yes father I am aware.” Radu said in an impressively even voice taking responsibility for his actions.

“Ah, you are aware. Indeed. I’m sure and did you think me a fool that I would not find out? It is only because you are my son do you sit here Radu!” Halam’s temper flared, “It is only because you are my son will you walk out of here today! You may have ruined our plans, both of you.” Halam said indicting both Chimak and Radu with a wave of his chopping knife, “Now I must fix your mistakes before years of planning coming to a stunning failure.”

Halam finally turned to Cauldyth, “What about you Cauldyth? Can you correct this before my both of my son’s deliver us to ruin?”

Cauldyth smiled outwardly, he thought this day would never come, “I believe I have a way.”

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