Monday, June 16, 2014

What's a Diviner to Do?

Clutching scales recovered from the Dragon’s Breath, Youvalan quickly moved his belongings to the Crafter's bench, anticipating that The Black Crown would be thrown into lock-down when the sons of Nissian attacked Gretchen VanFleet.  If the Diviner timed things correctly and the wizards he had invited to join him followed their instructions, they would be the only members to have access to the Prism for the next 48 hours. 

Youvalan placed his scales, taking effort to appear concerned for other more senior members work space.  The Diviner had reserved this space and time several days ago, once he was certain of the half breeds’ plans. The wizard knew that in 48 hours the city of Stormhaven would be irrevocably changed.  Youvalan planned to use this time in the Prism to refine the dragon scales into perfect spell components for his greatest Divination. 

Profen Rostagaire arrived, the first of the twelve other wizards the diviner had invited.  Profen had clearly followed all of Youvalan’s instructions, arriving with two unseen servants, one carrying a basket of fruit and the other, a tray of pastries.  The food was being brought in to celebrate Secretary Dobson’s birthday.  How could Profen have known that the good secretary was ill after a long night of celebrations?  As each wizard arrived, following the diviner’s precise plans, Youvalan for the first time allowed himself a smile, knowing his plan would work.

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