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Avernum, or the Pyre, 1st layer of Darkell:  Most new visitors soon complain of the extreme humidity and echoing noises, the flow of the water through the center of chamber applying a steady layer of noise.  Observant visitors notice consistent symbology  on all of the drow clearly identifying their station in this society.   Religious symbols translated by Anan Viator frequently reference a bearded lord, although she will explain you would see other symbols on different levels.

Pater, 2nd layer of Darkell: The Stone Maze, the Ghettos.  In Drow carved into the stone above Pater’s open gates it says “never barter farther than you can find your way home”.  Anan explains that Pater can be impossible to navigate without a drow guide and that the deals made in the ghettos are enforced by The Iron Scepter’s who have the authority to Imprison anyone for any serious violations.  The prison is named The Iron Heart. 

Volūta, 3rd layer of Darkell: The Open Palm-This symbol is spotted in the Pyre and is identified by Anan as the faithful of the 3rd

Drow Houses identified by Anan with brief comments

House Arras’zur Divine connections to the dark elements
House Narrishtah Arcane connections to the dark elements
House Devoren: Slavers and Nomads
House Draz’Kuri: the most dangerous and disciplined warriors
House Arbustil: House destroyed by Draz' Kuri, Anan's former house
House Gaundroth: Arcane masters split from Narrishtah, Tathria Gaundroth is the most powerful wizard in their history.
House Kolnahos: Preeminent slavers of Darkell
House Merezzym: Surface runners and workers, the drow from Spragel's tower were members of this house
House na’Khotan
House Pelshothe: Craftsmen and creators
House Zhakhun: Rangers of the Underearth

House Lorgreln

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