Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Damian's Followers of Storm and Sea

Leadership Score: 20

Cohort Level: 11 Max Level: 14

Number of Followers by Level

1st   2nd 3rd 4th 5th
50        5      3       2      1

Cohort: Lormo is a 6th Level Ranger, 5th Level Rogue

5th Level Follower: Sanford

4th Level Follower: Claudia Kelton

4th Level Follower: Sakornia Priestess

3rd Level Follower: Fejyelsae

3rd Level Follower: Tanis Stormweather

3rd Level Follower: Tyrus Skullstorn

2nd Level Follower: Gruendar

2nd Level Follower: Ambrose Stormweather


Gordzilla said...

Lots of Links. Lormo's Link takes you to the PDF of his character sheet. The other links are to appearances by the characters, some more than once...

James Caruso said...

Awesome! I was going to also add that if we want to spend some of the night updating cohorts on herolab. :) I always have my computer, though I don't bring it in to dnd.

Also I also want to revise Damian and Bordane's leadership score too.

James Caruso said...

Cruelty isn't a negative in your cases.