Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taking the Fight to Them

“I intend to lead the Firelance Knights into Luskan on Greengrass.” Piergerion said bombastically. “Do not try and talk me out of it my old friend, my heart is certain in this.”

The Lord of Waterdeep was animated in his discourse leading up to this pronouncement. Baerom Thunderstaff weighed the tension in Piergerion’s administrative office and was complacent to remain reserved at the moment.

Piergerion paused at a window facing the harbor, it was early morning and he could see the Dock Ward. He noted the clean-up effort was near at its end; shipping should recommence early this week. Already smoke from the Gond-warships hung heavily in the air like the fog of war, they are always ready for battle.

“Each of our Ironclads is equal to twenty of their pirate ships.” Piergeiron said with no small amount of pride. “We now have enough of then to mount an offensive against the Captain’s Confederation while keeping one vessel behind to defend against a probable Greengrass attack.”

“Actually my Lord, I support your decision.” Baerom said plaintively much to Piergeiron’s surprise. “It is aggressive - a tactic they will not suspect,” he finished.

Piergeiron stopped mid-stride in sincere surprise at his First Knight's assessment to the plan.  

Not wanting to let the Paladinson to sense the real reason behind his acceptance of this, Baeron quickly sifted the conversation to more current and pressing matters.

“The votes have been counted Sai Piergeiron; I have the results.”

21 votes cast (0 missing)
Greengrass Offensive?: Y 21, N 0 (0 missing)
Mandated Draft?:  8
Volunteer Campaign?:  13

“We already have volunteers who have pledged their support Sai, but it will take many more to swell our numbers if we are to win the day in Luskan.” Baerom said as a matter of fact.

“Then begin a list of candidates for a draft old friend, we must work quickly if we are to attack on Greengrass.”

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