Friday, June 28, 2013

By Wand And By Will

Vashtar Wands impatiently waited as the idiot day-laborers, the ‘Armstrongs’ unloaded the booty from the old temple. Syndra wanted it removed of all symbols and d├ęcor of Mystra; she had motives but guarded herself well.

Before the Time of Troubles Vashtar was a devout follower of Wee Jas, the lady of Book and Bone; goddess of magic and death. Over time Vashtar began to see more at common than apart from Syndra, it was her cold selective demeanor that won him over and through the course of the year he worked his way to be close to her.
Vashtar's attention was averted as a banner was raised next to several others signifying Syndra’s presence in Tirisfall Ascendency. Syndra's banner embraced the wind like an anxious lover.The day was mild and breezy; warm wind from the Trackless Sea teased warmer weather to come.

“By wand and by will.” He said to himself; a sacred word for her safe travels.

Turning his attention back to his logistical responsibilities he suddenly and unexpectedly made eye-contact with death causing his heart to suddenly quiver and stopped briefly in his chest.

The newcomer moved with the unearthly speed of a shadow armed with a scythe, but when it stopped Vashtar could now see a mahogany skinned man with impossible muscles that looked capable of maintaining a deadly hold for all of eternity. He too had the demeanor of deadly truth but his was accompanied with ancient wisdom.

The newcomer, Jergal proceeded unfettered into the Wands family house heedless of everyone around him. When he was challenged, his gaze of eternity dissuaded them entirely without death or harm. Calm emotion washed over Jergal, a good omen in a house of mortals. It was not long before Jergal found his quarry- Syndra Wands- stewardess of spellcraft and the lady of runes.

“Mystra’s symbol has five stars, one for each of the original churches.” Jergal said unseen from the darkness. Unseen but not unnoticed by her he observed with pleasure.

Syndra finished the rendering of her sigil and turned her enchanting eyes to Jergal.

“I am re-branding old one,” she said knowingly. “Seven stars- one for each domain in my diocese.”   

“Your diocese? So you plan on obtaining magic and usurping Mystra?”

“I would not be much of a goddess of magic without it and I will fill whatever role is presented to me when I ascend.”

Jergal looked deeply into Syndra’s velvet eyes; eyes that looked so hauntingly like all the others.

“Either the aspect of magic is lost, destroyed, waiting in the heavens, or something else- I believe at the very least I can return or restore what was lost with the death of Mystra and all the magic gods.”

Caught unaware that she was now at arm’s reach; Jergal mental complimented her cunning and that she possessed conviction, but was is enough? That is what he was here to discover.

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