Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Ironclad Project

Reunited with Sai Piergeiron after the Industrial Crusade; Cortland Andrus also came bearing twin pistols wrought from the steel of Sun-Cleaver, Piergerion's stolen Holy Avenger. For the city, Cortland brought blueprints for Ironclad warships to defend Waterdeep; this served to complement the new Firelance Knights with firepower on the seas and it reunited the Wonderbringer with Waterdeep after many years.

With support from the High Palaver as well as from the Helmfast, Hunabar, Lanngolyn, and Stormweather noble houses, Waterdeep began to sell-off their armada, dismantling the current Navy to acquire the funds needed to build a contingent of Ironclad warships.

As of Year's End, in the waning age of the Time of Troubles five Ironclad warships have since been christened and have ventured from Deepwater Harbor.

Spotted all along the Sword Coast it is unclear their mission other than defending against Luskan's Captain's Confederation should the war escalate.

The ships are called: The Peacemaker, Tempus' Gunboat, The Iron Maiden, Gond's Shield, and Pirate's Bane which was the Ironclad recently seen leaving Waterdeep.