Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spy vs. Rage

The sounds of battle, a term that does little to describe the chaos and death that permeated the air around Sanford’s small group of hunters, rattled on around them.  It was difficult for everyone to stay silent and still, not giving into the dragon fear or rushing forward to help when a voice called out in pain and terror.  Yet this was the only way if Sanford was to maximize everything he had learned from the Dragon Cultist Kafcar.  While the task was grim Sanford couldn't help but appreciate how Damian and the rest of the Samular Seven inspired others to act.  As Damian was fond of saying, “Follow my lead not my footsteps.” 

Tyrus Skullstorn quietly explained to Elads Edals his understanding of the situation.  “Wizards sometimes use items as a focus and other items as a form of meta magic, enhancing their spells, some priests as well.”  Elads was nodding, the conspiratorial gleam in his eye, obvious to even the newly befriended Tyrus.  “These cultists don’t provide the magic or prayers that are affecting everything but they certainly widen their scope and increase the dragon’s efficiency.  From what Kafcar explained to Sanford, the cultist would use what they learned from their Luskan contacts to enhance the dragon’s breath weapons and to provide a steady flow of information from the city to the enemies armada of ships.”   

A small signal of light illuminated the dark ruins the group hid in near the docks.   Claudia had spotted their prey and signaled them with an alchemically colored flare.  Sanford, his voice gravelly and hoarse, reminded his crew of the plan and their next location, “We may not understand their magic, but we understand the importance of information during war.   Whatever communications you recover is to be hidden in either this location or the next.  Don’t try to hold onto anything too long, the dragon’s fear will only make you drop it should you fail to resist.  If you find yourself overcome by fear, your potions will remove the fear once you gather yourself enough to drink it.  If our information proves correct, we’ll follow this group until we’re sure of their destination before ending their miserable existence.  Hopefully LeCarre and Durnan’s unit meets with similar success.”

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