Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tales of Ascension

The Clutches of Fate
For the second time, and perhaps inevitably, combat all but ended with Tauren grasped in the claws of the immense dragon of Good. The great beast peered in at him as he struggled to swing mighty Arcanum to force his release, and once again offered to spare Tauren's life in exchange for the blade. Tauren knew that his blade was his first destiny, his to wield, his to defend. It was never to be surrendered - Arcanum had to be defeated to be taken.
The dragon flew straight for the Dragon Pirate armada, and surprised Tauren when he let him go, but it was only for the moment. Grabbed by forces of magic,   
he was slowly being dragged to a group of arcanists on board one of the pirate ships. This would prove to be the dragons mistake, for the power of the mages was not stronger than the strength of Tauren, who wrestled his way free of their grasp and fell into the saddle of Rusher, his magnificent steed. He had been guided along by Briar, for ever staying close by Tauren in combat. The Sister of the Cloak  had taken her shape of crows to escape all the attempts to grab her, and together the three of them fled with godly speed to the shores of Waterdeep. It took only moments for the great dragon of Good to wheel about and grab Tauren again, but this time the Gypsy Lord was ready for her. When she craned her long neck inward to speak to him, the Charging Knight struck out with Arcanum and landed a stinging shot across both of her eyes. The dragon was blinded, and in her rage dove into the ocean where she released Tauren, and swam in retreat to the armada. Rusher was hovering above the waters when he surfaced and the Horseman pulled himself into his saddle and rode back to defend Waterdeep on that Years End of the Dragon Pirate armada.

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Gordzilla said...

Sorry about that eye, won't taste near as good as your heart. No such thing as a good dragon in this world:)