Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Abyss, Celestia, and Arborea

A dull crack, like a hammer blow to the skull, cut through the din of grunts, taunts, and battle cries of three mortal enemies locked a dual of the fates. In the background swam a chaotic soup of sounds from intelligible screams of the dying, shouts of warnings spoken too late, as well as unknown weapons clamoring against stout armor or shields, but through it all a bell sounded very clearly one single time. The crisp chime was laced with unknowable magical power.

“You have been betrayed,” a deep commanding male voice said between attacks; his abyssal-like speech was neither labored nor strained but was full of sorrowful truth. “The rest stand against the two of you and you strike out against the one who revealed the treachery that put you at odds… and this is how I am to be repaid?”

A collage of spectacular metallic sounds rang out repeatedly for several painstaking moments.

“You will not return from death by my hand, I assure you....”

Sudden ear splitting death blows drown out, in a desperate rain of attacks, any other heard speech.

… as a false god.” The abyssal voice finished confidently, laughing a little. 

“You lie you black wretch, demon spawn! We are not ignorant to how you and yours operate, you are a vile stain in the North and I swear to you this… I will not allow it in any city under my protection.” This second voice, male, sounded very tired and very strained as if he had been fighting since dawn- racing from one disturbance to another.

“I can undo that witch your black tongue claims,” said a sultry voice who sounded less taxed by the ongoing hostility of Year’s End.

Seven peals of thunderous horn blasts slam down on Waterdeep without warning, a prelude to city-wide panic, the dragons have come again. At this, more conflict erupts between the three; the pace of the battle was quickening and the banter between them becoming less frequent and comprehensible.

“We will end your reign of terror and I will honor my vow by prot---,” whatever the man was going to say it was cut short by several wet punches that sounded like deep vital strikes.

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