Friday, May 17, 2013

Tales from Year's End (Tower of Luck)

Captain Arina rallied the Horselord’s men from the unseen fright generated by the draconic terrors. Their frightful presence was laughable compared to her childhood that hardened her into the soldier today. Nonetheless she had seen the ‘great’ squire Fallon cower and run with his weapon sheathed. How Tauron rewards that level of service from Fallon she could hardly fathom.

Arina’s earliest orders were to the protection of Heilean and the Tower of Luck, although that had changed Arina had made a personal promise to the Luck Rider to come to her aid if required. Arina looked out from the gates to the Tower of Luck and commanded Alegan to organized fresh guards at all posts, and when Alegan suggested counter clockwise advance and cover patrols of Ivory, Diamond, and the Street of the Singing Dolphin Arina agreed- even approving his choices from the Horselord’s ranks.

Even Alegan would be a better choice than Fallon.  

Then darkness, as deep as a void, black- the unknown color, seized the afternoon light blinding everyone. A rush of forward moving air and then time seemed to stretch into unreality. The air took on a density and made it difficult to move about; that, coupled with the blindness neither Alegan nor Arina could judge how much time had gone by.
A large column of fire exploded from the Dragon Tower of Maaril reaching almost one-hundred feet into the sky somehow canceling the darkness. The wizard tower, named for the detailed artistry in the structure’s defenses, pulsed with wild magic that stirred Arina and Alegan from the dream like lethargy.

Several Horselord defenders lay dead scattered around; men with their throats cut open, some almost decapitated. Understanding came slowly as incoherent shouts and commands made situation assessment impossible.

Alegan was calling out and checking for survivors when the heartbreaking news hit Arina like a maul. Dear Spirits! Heilean Eather had been taken.  

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