Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tales from Year's End (Undermountain 2)

With the business of the Mad Wizard behind him Jergal was able to recommence his search for the unsanctioned. Moving with the alacrity of a reaper and the cunning of a Minotaur the old god ascended into the Arcturiadoom the private domain of Arcturis, a disciple of the Mad Wizard.

From a vibrant beautiful woman whose duties it was to approach every ship at dock at the Waterdeep piers every day to collect taxes. Many were disarmed by her beauty they often revealed and subsequently paid more than they wanted to Arcturis.  This earned her the attention and ire of many individuals one of who was the Mad Wizard.
One might say she was seduced by the dark side and so after her death during Halaster’s Higharvestide, Arcturia was reborn as a vile and troublesome lich. Dungeon lore refers to her dominion as the Arcturiadoom a level rendered too dangerous to explore because of its fearsome monsters.

As Lord of the Dead Jergal was extraordinarily sensitive to the workings of undead and knew Arcturia’s machinations at once. She was a clever one and would disguise her single vulnerability well, to everyone except the Lord of the End of Everything.

The end of her existence as she knew it was drawing nigh. 

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