Monday, May 6, 2013

Tales from Year's End (Undermountain)

The Mad Wizard
The Undermountain, once the under-home of the Melairkyn, is populated by many creatures besides the dwarves, unsavory denizens as well as the many restless dead. Clandestine human churche of Obedience, The Alter of Death, and other Evil Cults dominate the upper levels; levels where man cannot bear to leave the lands of light too far behind.

However there are places that the warm light of day never reaches, underground locations that are forever submerged in silent darkness and unchanging cold; completely void of vibrant colors. Then there are even places that no one else, save for only one that ever sees: pockets of cavernous spaces unreachable less magical travel and knowledge of its existence. 

It was these guaranteed factors that caused the wizard to be caught completely off his guard…

Deep in the under-realm below Waterdeep, there is such a pocket-cavern; though its natural formed walls, floors, and ceiling are not naked grey stone; they are instead covered in a nightmarish mosaic of visual art consisting of everything imaginable from scrolls and maps, to vile art objects, the skins of beasts and humanoids some which appear to be flayed aberrations long dead. 

The sole furnishing in this surreal landscape is a great exotic thrown.  History says it was crafted of metals from the seven mines within the kingdom’s realm, the throne's magnificence is in its horrible detail with the addition of the many dragon bones, sharp scales, teeth and talons inlaid throughout the design; it had the look of being seated in the wide mouth of a dispossessed chromatic dragon.

It is on this throne the Mad Wizard would orate at length, sometimes for weeks, at his grotesque mosaic; scheming and arguing with no one on ways to administer revenge on the Lords of Waterdeep. Unfortunately, the Mad Wizard saw little custom in the Undermountain to appease his chaotic whims during the Time of Troubles and the current Siege of Waterdeep. It would seem hapless adventurers are in short supply; instead the Mad Wizard was forced into conflict with an interloper: Maerlyn Gorsomm. The old lich did not even have the common courtesy to palaver before staking a claim in the Tomb Lands. 
Scribe of the Doomed

Maerlyn has since proved a formidable foe, but is predictable unlike the Mad Wizard who intuited Maerlyn would send his black-skulled legions against the living lands of light during Year's End and when the lich was properly distracted the Mad Wizard would move, raging magical destruction.

The Mad Wizard did not know for how long the creature was there, it could have been for hours, it was a human sized being appearing as a Reaper standing in perfect camouflage against the bizarre mosaic. The Reaper's swift unexpected movement and the finality with which the intruder spoke threw the Mad Wizard clumsily from the throne. As the Mad Wizard struggled to get up from his sprawl everything he reached for fell helplessly from his grasp; his attempts at standing continued in vain. 

“I am Jergal,” the Reaper claimed. “Venerate me Mad Wizard and despair- for your service to me will surely exhaust the life from your mortal body extending your eternal servitude into the afterlife.”  

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