Friday, May 17, 2013

Tales From Year's End (Waterdeep Castle)

Bent over the table, Piergeiron watched the battle unfold. A marvel of Gond, the table was a scale model of the city. The streets were slots in which tiny flags, colored to represent friend or foe, moved whirring along. Sparks would occasionally fly, representing magical battles. Turning back to the Paladinson, Lecarre studied the battle unfolding as well.
 "The harbor's clear, still. Thank the gods." murmured Lecarre.
 "The fleet has yet to have reached the bay," answered Piergeiron. "We've got the two ironclads assaulting them from the west. Don't know how much damage they'll do but we've got our secret coming up underneath-."
 "The Seaside Colossus?" a voice asked from the chamber's door way. Piergeiron and Lecarre whirled; the Open Lord pulling and aiming a pistol, the master spy palming a dagger. Bryan Kormallis sauntered into the room, the two guards outside the door, looked at each other in confusion, before raising their pole arms. Smirking over his shoulder, the former adventurer cocked an eyebrow at Lecarre.\
 Looking disgruntled, the pocketman sheathed the blade, saying, "I think this man is not a threat, Sai."
Piergeiron glanced at the older spy, uncocked the pistol's hammer and stuck the gun into his belt. "I'm sorry, citizen, we're very busy. I would need to direct you to your home or a temple of your -."
 "Oh please, Sai. I'm no ordinary citizen. I represent a force that has yet been untapped. We can't field mighty warriors, but we can be useful in other, clandestine ways," Kormallis said as he closed the door behind him.
 Confused, the Paladinson looked questioningly at Lecarre. The older man's flicked from the intruder to his lord and back again. "This man represents an outside force I thought we'd run out of the city, years ago. Bryan Kormallis is a Shadow Thief."
 Piergeiron's head snapped back to Bryan, who grinned and nodded. "The honorable Lecarre is correct. We were driven out... but we had to rethink and reform. In fact, one of my daughters is one of the Samular Seven, and has placed her life on the line several times for this city. I'm here to offer you more assistance," stated Bryan, leaning over the model city.
 "First, there's this girl, name of Kiiri..."
 The other two looked at each other, looked back at the Shadow Thief and then leaned over the city as well.

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