Monday, April 11, 2011

True Colors

This coming encounter is something I've been waiting for since our run-in with the whites at the Edana Estate. While I know the act of securing the Staircase Keep for Socordia will not draw blood from the wretched white dragons, it will sow hatred for the whites and hopefully undo some of their mechanisms in Stormhaven. Obviously, disguised as a white dragon I cannot utilize my usual talents in this attack for fear of our plan being undone or discovered.. Instead I will use tooth, claw and kick against the puny humans.The snow will turn red with their blood; red as the true color of our scales. FOR THE HOARD!


harrygoblin said...

You speak wisely, brother, of not leaving our fiery brand. Since we have limited access to cold magic, I say we incorporate even more trickiness into our illusion. Let us deal damage in acid attacks, the classic calling card of our Cousin Black Dragons. With reports of white dragons spotted, and acid burns and deaths, it should be hard to link us to the carnage we prepare to unleash. In response to your question regarding Sarosh's appearance, he assured me he was moving as quickly as possible.Of course all this wind and weather can really hamper an elemental specialist, so we shall see if he joins the battle. Frankly, if he arrives in time to lend some healing and help us with throwing some cold damage around for evidence, I will be more than pleased with his alacrity.

harrygoblin said...

Upon further reflection, I have an assortment of meta magic components that can alter damage type to energy of my choice - but I still like the idea of leaving the calling card damage of a black dragon.

James said...

Hellz yea!