Monday, April 18, 2011

Review (4/13/11)

Expertly disguised as white half-dragons we were successful in engaging the Staircase keep for the black dragon of Sloth and her thralls from the Driftdowns. Not that she was in any big rush; coordinating with her fear effects we did in fact color the snow red while playing the roll of the whites. Jaren offered up a prayer that added devistating effect to his ice ball. Auge realized that natural attacks were indeed deadly, Durg was the target of the most devastating attacks and fell once or twice, and Vercel shared his deadly attacks amongst the Spellguard. Once the keep was exposed we departed.

After the battle we returned to the Cinder Block hoping to rest up as much as possible when at long last the toll sounded midnight and the coming of the Winter Solstice (Saturday).


James said...

Sorry for the shot review, but last week was mostly combat. You'll have that. :)

robm1171 said...

Bring on the whites! I may be greedy but pain and death are things I freely share!

James said...

Well said brother!