Monday, April 25, 2011

Youvalan’s Response to Jeren’s Message

Recent events have caused me to re-evaluate our encounter at the Edana Estate.  Whatever happened in our past it is obvious that you are enemies with those who are currently warring in the Nobel District.  When you next find yourself at the Dragon’s Breath I will be there smoking with Atavah Sunthrower.  I thank you and your kin for destroying the NightStalker, surely a service to Stormhaven that pardons any previous behavior.  I would ask Auge’s permission to shop at the Vial and Flask and welcome you as a full member of the Crown


robm1171 said...

I just do not like this guy's attitude. He needs to go, and not just because he can possibly scry on us. "... surely a service to Stormhaven that pardons any previous behavior." Like we need his approval or pardon.

James said...

Spoken like a true barbarian brother. Could we not fleece him of everything of value to him and then kill him. He does have his usefulness within the Black Crown.
But you are correct in that we do not need anyone's pardon.

robm1171 said...

Fleecing is good, I like fleecing. Just as long as he dies at the end.