Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review (4/20/11)

Using the Dragon-Heart to commune and recover with mother, we experience first hand her level of disappointment in us. The whites must finally be dealt with by us before the end of the winter solstice. She took an item for each of us to motivate us into action.

Shortly after that in the Cinder Block we hold brief palaver with some of the Spellguard and Black Crown who appeal to us to intervene in an attack by some lower planar creatues, outsiders who are attacking the city. Not in the sport of doing anything pro bono, we wait for an offer before we agree to ‘seeing what’s out there’, but we had other plans.

Actively seeking out the whites in the air, on the ground and finally the Edana estate we see that such pedestrian methods for seeking out our blood enimies would certainly not do. In an inspired and ironic use of a parental gift, Durg cuts loose with a wish, the wish granted to each of us by father. Suprememly successful Drug transported all four of us to the lair in a fight to the death with eight half white dragons. The battle was well fought and needed to quench our desire for the blood of whitey.

I don’t know what happened in the Versel vs. two and after Jaren dimension door’d the rest of us after the fleeing two. We pick up next week ass the dust settles around 3am on the morning of the solstice.


Gordzilla said...

Afterwards, unable to escape Durg and beaten down by Versel, Jeren utilized his great magic and put the remaining opponents into checkmate. 5000 Experience pts gained by the party. You guys make it so much fun, thank you.

James said...

Awesome! I didn't want them to get away. Mother 'should' be pleased with us. 5000xp is always welcome. Thanks

Gordzilla said...

One additional note, as the party attempted to gather the belongings off the fallen 1/2 dragon's, all items of value dissappeared. From the call of dragon's blood you all feel, you are certain that the Invidia the Dragon of Envy has recalled these items to her hoard.