Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journal Entry, Jaren; Winter Solstice

This night is the greatest I have ever been in my young life, and it has only just struck midnight. During our negotiations and ensuing battle, I felt my appetite for power and knowledge whetted, sharpened by a new taste.

I have entered the Second Tier of Magic. I feel I only need to rest long enough to focus to manifest my new mastery.

My prayer to Mother Avaritia was stronger than I could have guessed. When I uttered the words that maximized my magic, I knew that power was mine to have. Now, when I threaten the full extent of my wrath, it is delivered, in full, every time.

Sarosh's bond feels . . . complete. I have never before felt absolute loyalty from another being to anything beyond their personal gain. I believe Sarosh would stand beside me against the Charge of The Abyss if I but asked him. This taste of devotion has impassioned my dream of followers eager to win my favor and anxious to do my bidding. I will build a hoard of experts, teachers, soldiers, and craftsmen to toil at my direction, showing them all to great success under my banner, fueled by greed that will never be sated.

Finally, the negotiations with Socordia. I don't know what to inscribe to detail our palaver. I know that hearing the words of our Maternal Aunt acknowledge the kinship we shared made my dragon blood race like it never has before - even as I silently vowed to take her every follower, lured away by whispered promises of wealth and the power that it comes with, eventual casualties of greed.

The dilemma now? With my spells nearly exhausted, I know the Black Crown will be contacting me soon. They were all too eager to name me a draconic liaison and expert upon gaining fellowship. I think it may be best to go there instead of waiting for them.Aside from it appearing proactive, I may be able to meet with Nefertiti there and see if she can guide Sarosh and I to somewhere else where we can rest and prepare spells in less Prime Material time. I feel like we have a long holiday ahead of us.

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