Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review (4/6/11)

As the weather outside worsens, each of us take to our own activity during Friday’s working hours. Jaren began the day with, what will become a daily occurrence; he travels to the Black Crown to study. On this trip he sends a cordial letter to the diviner to arrange a meeting at a convenient time. Then back to the Cinder Block to toil at his craft. Durg and Vercel take to the Sunbow Mansion to sample the whores... I meant wares. Ague, sets to crafting Durgs kick-ass boots and checks the souk. After Jaren and Auge finish their items for the day, they both leave to meet with the others at the Sunbow Mansion.

Braving the elements we ventured forth to the Crippled Bone Embassy (Troll-blooded Gnolls; the Grolls), only to find that it has been under siege and many of its members are shattered, frozen or unaccounted for. Making a bunch of noise, we gain access and discover, behind a wall, the troll Hislop and ultimately 6 other survivors. Among them are Tenvros, a human scribe; the gnoll Ambassador of Flame; and some gnoll pawns (page 27). They explain the attack by the whites came from not only from them, but from ice devils and derro as well (presumably Derro from Twilight House). We take them to the Cinder Block where we ask Sarosh to get to know the other surviving Crippled Bone members.

At 6pm we arrive at Nissian’s Embassy, an embassy that specializes in planar trade. Likewise we discovered all manner of world maps, a planar model and a planar map along with a planar calendar for measuring time. Other items and information that was discovered are as follows: the embassy is tended to by many unseen servants; there is 25,000 in meta-magic components; gold bars, platinum, and silver bars; the afore mentioned planar model (indicates that the planes of cold and negative energy are close and the astral and ethereal planes are out of alignment and not in their unusual places); old contracts, including ours dated 10 years ago; and a registry that indicates the most recent visitor as Gretchen VanFleet to have been here frequently and as soon as a month ago. After Auge stashes 5000 gp here we depart after a couple of hours.

Around 8pm we are alerted to red flares and streaks of fire from the staircase keep. We land and assess that mobs of driftdowners are attempting to force their way to the Upside, and that a dragon is generating a fear among the guards- making the whole situation worse. With a choice of dealing with the dirftdowners or the dragon, we elect to engage the dragon only to discover it is Socordia, Sloth. Seizing the opportunity Jaren invites Socordia to a palaver where he (and by message, all of us) arranges for us to secure the keep for Socordia in exchange for our lives and to invoke no ill will in the future between us and Socordia and her ilk.

We begin next session with us disguised as white dragons laying literal waste to the guards at the Staircase Keep. (I did mean whores! Nefertit-tay!)


robm1171 said...

Grolls!! They're this year's Wingotaur

James said...

Yea, I can't believe one of us didn't spout off with "GROLLS!" last night. LOL

James said...

Just wanted to say that Sarosh was on his way to help us. Does he want to be in on securing the staircase keep? Or keep this bit of business among us and the dragon?