Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black Crown Membership Benefits

Sleeping room/apartment free food available 24/7 365 in tower

Lab available for use, Research Assistance, Scribe Services

All Core Rulebook Spells available for purchase, cost dependant on membership status

All Spell Components from Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide available for purchase

All Scrolls that do not require an expensive component of over 100gp, available for purchase at cost

Purchase/creation/selling of magical items done anonymously through Black Crown

Spells prepared in the tower are treated as having the Spell Focus Feat, regardless of school: Choose a school of magic. Any spells you cast of that school are more difficult to resist. Benefit: Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells from the school of magic you select.

If spells are prepared in the tower (your hour of power), or if a sorcerer you rest for eight hours in the tower you receive 1 extra spell slot per level per day.

All members receive a +2 on any Dispel Magic attempt, exceeding even the maximum +10, +4 for Dispel Magic Greater, exceeding even the maximum +20.

Member may pick one meta-magic feat they already have and receive one free use of it per day. For those who prepare spells they must apply the free use when memorizing spells.

Member may choose one meta-magic or craft feat to learn for free. Member receives it the first level he gains after becoming a full member (so for you, at 7th level).

Specialist Wizards: When spells are prepared in the tower you are treated as having Spell Mastery for all spells in your school of magic, thus helping reduce preparation time. Spell Mastery: You have mastered a handful of spells, and can prepare these spells without referencing your spellbooks at all. Benefit: Each time you take this feat, choose a number of spells that you already know equal to your Intelligence modifier. From that point on, you can prepare these spells without referring to a spellbook. Normal: Without this feat, you must use a spellbook to prepare all your spells, except read magic.

Member may choose one magic item to have enhanced by a +1 value, an additional use per day, or similar enhancement.

All members receive a new watermark with any previous mark being magically combined into their new watermark. Several benefits will arise from this but for now:

+1 Tower Bonus to all Saving Throws. +1 Tower Bonus on any ranged or touch attack with a spell.

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