Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Copper Calf

The Copper Calf Tavern and Skewers
Situated at the midpoint of Bridgeton overlooking Whitefield Valley is one of Mazlow’s earliest endeavors- an ivy covered, multi-storied building of rich aromas, warm tones and beautiful maidens. The Copper Calf originally started as a clockwork brewery and distillery for Bridgeton; crafting such libations as Hunter’s Call, a stout bitter brew, the Counterspell, and the titular Copper Calf which is a tarnished syrupy liquor with actual copper shavings in the drink; the Copper Calf gets its name from the clockwork calf that stands at the entrance and has grown into one of the most popular establishments in Bridgeton. 

The main floor is the Copper Calf Tavern and Skewers where off duty Zhentish soldiers can drink and eat grilled skewered beef and gourds served on a long wooden skewer. Glinda, along with six other comely waitresses each dressed in lederhosen, maintain a tradition of dipping the tips of their braids in molten copper before their shift of tending to the drinking needs of grim warriors and strange alchemists. Games of chance are often to be had among patrons as well as a warm place to catch news from area castles, some coming as far away as Burmstone. Allerton Bendatio is the no nonsense Brewmaster and bouncer who hold two brawler titles and is rumored to have mysterious ties to the Zhentarim.

On the second level, a small hunting lodge called the Heartsmen because of their reputation of their admired heart-shot made with each kill from their deadly crossbows, hold regular meetings with their new huntsmaster Ozland. The Heartsmen are currently celebrating its ten year anniversary with a weekend long hunt for the vile trolls. A tin suit of armor was made by Cambolton across the street of Bridgeton to commemorate the anniversary. Over the years the lodge has supplied the copper calf with its supply of foodstuffs and has collected many trophies including a brown bear's head and rack, a winter wolf, and a peryton, one of the most feared aerial predators of the mountains.  

The third level, teams of leathers workers fashion skins from the Heartmen's kills into serviceable items for Bridgeton while the forth level is a large open room commonly used for storage or the occasional common bunk room. The roof serves as one of the watchtowers of Bridgeton, manned by the local brute squad who are taught to watch for aerial threats including the telltale shadow of the perytons.