Friday, February 3, 2017

Kings-Men 9: A Climatic Ending

This week we catch up with our characters moments after Raghnall disables the mechanical lock and in a moment of inspiration Egol freely walks into the monastery, and as the war priest walks past Raghnal, the rogue uses his skill to emulate what was needed to also pass into Vicklow.

Inside the monastery the two are immediately surrounded by magical darkness, and then a spirit appears surrounded by a nimbus the same color as the mythal-barrier that protects this place against intrusion. The spirit expresses curiosity toward Raghnal but recedes to its normal state after assessing our presence holds no threat. It even told us where the Book of Life was.

Outside the other characters attempted to access Vicklow leaving behind Ace who, while invisible would hold off the three wyverns that took flight just as Egol and Raghnall entered the monastery.

Inside our characters (sans Ace) would descend to the crypts to find a golden pyramid in the center of the crypts and the soul stone that gives the mythal its power.

Outside Ace flees from the wyverns, including a mythic wyvern that was a mix of blue dragon; finding their lair in the process.

Inside the other characters find and open the vault and relieve it of its burdens: A cavalier’s banner, philosopher's Stone, Talisman of Pure Good, Helm of Many Eyes, Green Orb of Dragonkind, Scarab of Unlife, and “Brightdeath” a Holy Avenger.

Outside Vicklow Ace, running, scrambling, flying, eventually fell to a blast of lightening breath. The rest of our characters emerge from Vicklow to see the blue wyvern take the unconscious Ace back to the wyvern lair. Our character give chase and are able to surprise the three wyverns saving Ace, finding the remains of Sir Baconridge, his sword and the King’s men disks, as well as some other treasure: two 2nd level wands 3CL, Rod of Wonder, +3 weapon, +1 SA, and a Belt of Hurling, lesser.

We were awarded 2,200 xp and 1 mythic trial.

Epilogue: A few days later our characters arrive in Caer Leon to much celebration; Ace would reveal his reason for his cart- adding to the festivities with items collected in our travels; and to find both baronies reclaimed by the McClaines. Our story is told and we are given new orders; as Major Garrett intends to return to Hedeby our task is to escort Father Benetto and the Book of Life to the Capitol city. 

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