Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two Weeks Ago

The sack of leaves was at least two feet long, a foot wide and bulging with content. Trebek slumped at his workbench realizing the enormity of the task that had been assigned to him by his angry superiors.   Trebek’s punishment was to process the rare tea leaves into a fine powder, a precise process that would consume the young wizard’s time for several days. Spellcasters in Hawkehelm could use the powder in place of the very fine sands required for casting of the Sleep spell, a spell Trebek had used just yesterday.   “Pennance really,” thought Trebek, smiling at the memory of the bully guardsman collapsing face first into the piss pit, “How was I to realize he was Rutledge’s brother?”

Nash Guardsman, Brother of Rutledge

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