Monday, February 6, 2017

Reflected In The Moonsea

From the Tenants of Seven Ministry Scrolls: There is no race greater than the human race.

The Moonsea is replete in resources from its mineral rich waters descended from the blue-white glaciers from the north; exotic inks and dies that are favored among nobility around the Realms, to its delectable seafood that feed the coastal cities. The Moonsea is fed from the great glacier and from the snowcapped mountains that cradle the landlocked Moonsea; it in turn, feeds the Dragon Reach and the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south.

The cities around the Moonsea were once independent city-states ruled by warlords, dictators or mageocracies; however, all that changed eighteen months ago with the godsfall. 

It was a time when devils laughed and angels wept; churches, once bastions of faith, shattered as common people from across the realms took on aspects of divine beings; however, if the godsfall taught humanity anything, it is that the gods are not infallible.

In Zhentil Keep the godsfall was followed by a great inquisition; a refocusing of the religious culture into what is now known today as the Ministry. Here in Zhentil Keep the Ministry is all powerful; it creates and enforces laws, grants titles, and declares war; it appoints civic leaders, and mandates worship; however, like with any religious institution, it is not without heretics. It is an age of romance for humanity.

Peace is a Lie, there is only passion. Through passion one gains strength. Through strength, one gains power. Through power, one gains victory. Through victory, our enemies are broken.

North-west of Zhentil Keep is the Citadel of the Raven; a ten mile span of stout castles and soaring fortresses, some lost and forgotten, linked together by cables, tunnels, and centuries old bridges along the cold Dragonspine Mountains.

To the outside world who knew of the Citadel of the Raven, it is dedicated to reforming high-born criminals into productive members of society and an institution for domestication.

When in fact the Citadel of the Raven is occupied by an alliance from each of the major Moonsea cities to protect the region form the dangers of the north, but the Zhentarim have the greatest presence here. In the Zhentarim like other military structures there is no expression or individualism there is only conformity and order.

Some of the castles include Fellraven Keep, occupied by ancientand dark tengu, an ancient race of black humanoid avians, once the Assassin Lord’s slave race, deadly enough to defeat a dragon when one threatened the Citadel; Hawkhelm Castle, where much of the inner Zhentarim operations are held; Bishop’s Keep is widely concidered the religious center, and the other two are Warsle Castle, a lofty and isolated castle; and Greyskull where the Magisters of Melvaunt hold palaver. Not to be forgotten is Bridgeton, not a castle but a small town, where many Zhentarim soldiers go on leave.

You have all kept your abilities to yourself but as word filters in that Zhentarim and Ministry leaders have recently arrived to the Citadel and with more on the way; it may be time to make an impression or show people what you can do. You just have some unfinished business before making your mark, whatever that may be…

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