Monday, February 20, 2017

Kascar the Hunter

The Hunter sat up suddenly awake; another nightmare accompanied by a cold breeze had once again limited his sleep to a few hours.  Staying quiet, the Hunter allowed his senses to probe the cave he was resting in.  Not finding an active threat he got to his feet and struck the small campsite inside the cliff cave.  

The ranger formerly known as Kascar was once again in the midst of a panic attack, brought on by the memories of his nightmare.  The Hunter’s problem was his nightmare had actually happened, his nightmarish dreams replaying the events that had occurred several weeks ago. 

The Hunter struggled to the mouth of the cave, trying to fight off a wave of nervous shivering and focus on the beachhead below the cliff-side cave.  His thoughts would not let him, the memory of the skeletal hand and its horrible touch upon his forehead had changed his life forever.   Upon receiving the Master’s touch, Kascar was risen the Hunter.   As the torments of sleep left the Hunter his focus returned his thoughts to his mission.  He would locate this “wizard” Trebek Vason and hopefully end the master’s grip upon his will.