Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hawkehelm and Bridgeton

Hawkehelm Castle, military stronghold of the Zhentarim and counterpart to Darkhold, it was one of the many strongholds erected during the Great Building, and is connected to the other castles by way of Coldbrook Bridge. The acting high commander at Hawkehelm is Kandar Milinal, a veteran Blackguard who rules the dark stone castle through his loyal chain of command.

Bridgeton, built precariously on an abandoned bridge left behind during the Great Building, it is a long thoroughfare of honkytonks and walk up bars, common rooms and tenements, fight clubs and herbalists; populated by refugees and old folk, and frequented by soldiers and gypsies with connections in strange places. Life is generally relaxed here, governed by a man named Mazlow and his brute squad, Bridgeton has become a leisure downtime gem for the soldiers of the Zhentarim. 

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Gordzilla said...

This is really well done James. Excited