Tuesday, February 7, 2017

People of Note

Ampherd Nanther
Ampherd Nanther: brilliant alchemist; the self-consumed and talkative (some even say spoiled) son of Elazarin Nanther. He claims to have many contacts. 
Arton Delmis: not much is known of this one other than he has recently arrived from Mulmaster with a woman of great beauty who some say smells like blue summer. 
Audry Lanchester
Augustus Ramsey: one of Halaster’s myrmidons and Lucas and Dylan's martial trainer who traveled to the Citadel of the Raven from Zhentil Keep. 
Aurora Tenloss: Sembian mercantile heiress, also recently arrived.
Beaumont: Archivist of Hawkehelm, curator, and a man of academic pursuits. He has been very busy lately.
Braidwood: previously unknown young prodigy in the new Ministry. Some say he was groomed by the Ministry to be a antipaladin or war priest; a symbol of divine man. 
Brisbane Bruil: one of two master smiths in Bridgeton, Brothers of the Forge, arrangements trading with miners and bartering metal has agreed craft masterwork weapons for those who wield them.
Brouse Tremlor: Old strifelord from the church of Bane, acting vicar, and ranking Ministry castellan at the Citadel.
Brodnax: mysterious contact who, for the right price, will lead interested parties to the black market in Bridgeton.
Cambolton Bruil: master armorer in Bridgeton, the second brother of the forge who has been sick for some time. Both brothers carry burns common among smiths.
Caval Daoran: Reeve of Castle Hawkhelm, currently investigating the appearance of sacrilegious images and forbidden symbols around the Keep.
Dameron: a reclusive deep druid with no people skills, pale, stringy hair with mismatched eyes.
Dorsha Quantor: harrower and Librarian initiate; a motherly figure for many (if not all) of you.
Elazarin Nanther - dead
Elazarin Nanther: dead- traditional alchemist and former Magister of Potions, clothing covers his entire body. You know him to be crass and old beyond years- he is not very well liked. 
Flamulder Dinath Thuldoum or ‘Mulder’: Hawkehelm's lore warden; a veteran warrior and scholar. Grafton: grand mason, and old engineer; he leads several teams of miners. Walks with a slight limp.
Heathyard: Zhentarim orog handler who leads teams that lure these huge humanoids for the
Zhentarim ranks.
Hess: tengu male, quiet and observant; warning Dylan that excessive use of the shadowtongue will draw unwanted attention from the shadow plane. 
Ilthond: Zhentarim wizard, commander of assets in Dagger Dale who has family ties in Hawkehelm. 
Istaleus: Magister of Scrolls (ink mage) and tattoo spell artist with stained and blotchy skin. Master of the Scriptorium, he is incessantly busy developing inks and filing orders. Deals with a lot of folk outside the Zhentarim and outside the Citadel. 
Kandar Milinal: blackguard, and high commander of the Zhentish forces at Castle Hawkehelm.
Manshoon: founder and mage-general of the Zhentarim.  
Maskul Mirrormane: ranking Black Adept at the Seminary of Adepts
Mazlow: governor of Bridgeton, very charismatic and gregarious. Very pleased to make your acquaintance. 
Ringult Hornhelm: southern merchant and a new face to Bridgeton; very unlike the human stock of the Moonsea. Wears odd sandals and bears a strange odor.
Rutledge: Zhentarim Sergeant commander of signal towers of Hawkehelm. Strict and regimented. 
Rylestrum: venerable librarian and occult medium, he is also blind but ornery as ever. Claims to know the Tesseract quite well.
Tedric Vexx
Tedric Vexx: Magister of the Cloak, manipulative and cunning- Tedric Vexx's influence reaches beyond Castle Greyskull to many of the other castles that comprise the Citadel of the Raven. 
Velmarius: an old iounmancer and astrologist with a small observatory, a bit of a worrier for many; he is nevertheless an expert in his field.
Zelda Leiyraghon: Magister of Wands, the easily distracted and demure Zelda hails from Melvaunt where her family holds tenuous power under the Nanther Clan. 

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