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08/03/16 Virtues Session 54: The Chessmen of Somenhiem

We begin at Tower Falls where the storm giant (in the extreme armor) entering the floating stone tower, leaving behind his two trolls as sentinels. Our characters notice that there are six individuals in a cage carried by winged minotaurs, two of which are Halflings.

Just as the burdened cage is brought to the top of the floating stone tower and the weakened prisoners brought out, Dramen moves in and teleports himself and the prisoners to the Grumblebelly in Naper’s Dawn. Just as that happened a mothman appears to the rest of us.
Giant's Tower 
GianSyrendross steadies himself and watches the immediate area and realizes the floating stone tower is a mages mansion but at a giant scale. Rydin casts himself about to study the floating stone tower, it’s windows, and entrances including a door at the top of a staircase that spirals outside the flying stone marvel.

Dolgrin stays close to the drow but Kyras watched in horror as the mothman frightens an unknown individual into fleeing directly off the top of the floating stone tower. With great team effort Rydin and Kyras cushion the man’s fall saving his life.. for now.

After coming together Syrendross teleports himself and the remaining heroes of Virtue to the Grumblebelly, as Dramen and the rescued Tower Falls people in the Ambassador suite wait where some collapse and others struggle while coming to terms with having just been teleported.

A short time later Baron Sambrial and Tristor Von Kreighton who listened to the halfings Cumos and Torlye who had a chance for some spying before being captured. The two immediately communicate danger and that Larosse is planning on moving his army. They fill our characters in on much of what they already know except that this tower-skylord has ogres like that in Larosse’s army and that winged minotaurs are being provided to the gnome warlord. Other prisoners have been delivered to the floating stone tower including the community’s leadership.

After some follow up our characters learn that the gnome attack on Tower Falls came three days ago, Larosse came with two hundred and the floating stone tower arrived yesterday. Furthermore each of them shared a common fear of the mothman and lament the giants are taking ‘everything’ describing to our characters six unique giants and the afore mentioned ogres. Larosse is moving on resources, going as far as taking prisoners rather than slaughtering his enemies.

The eminent danger spread like a cold and effected Dramen and Syrendross who expressed impatience with procedural protocol when Baron Zarl revealed his plans for contacting Baron Dackary Lawson before traveling to Somenhiem where he and Lawson will take this information before Duke Faustus Somenhiem. Baron Zarl hopes to call upon his thousand men he pledged to the Duke. Dramen asks that perhaps the tower-skylord and gnome warlord team up is contrary to the castle-skylord and Ferryman’s League agreement and that the castle-skylord should be made aware. Baron Zarl maintains that is a decision for the Duke and his methods.

Less than an hour later, (noon, still day 166) after Dramen teleports the Heroes (sans cohorts), Baron Zarl and Baron Lawson, and our characters appear one hundred feet above the City of Walls- Somenhiem. An ancient hill dominates the east side where a burned out ruin lies, its walls and stone chimney still standing- the location where Libiatar burned out a local drow threat sometime ago. Atop the hill, a weather vane with the symbol of Vishanti Agamotto stands doing its thing.

Hill at Somenhiem
Somenhiem-capitol and largest city, Somenhiem is known as the Bank of the World. The banks of Somenhiem are known to hold many of the Isles riches along with the imagined riches of the world’s most powerful nations and individuals. The City itself is a master expression of city planning, the city has running water, a functioning sewer system, paved well maintained roads along with schools and hospitals.  Sometimes referred to as the city of walls, Somenhiem is not only surrounded by a great stone wall, 30 feet in height but many sections of the city, along with estates and merchant embassies are separated by tall well built walls. Somenhiem is the unofficial trade capitol of the EveningIsles, The ½ Elven Duke of Tier Ne Somenhiem has a well earned reputation as a fair arbiter of trade deals. Duke Faustus Somenhiem primary political support comes from The Ferryman’s League, a powerful merchant union active throughout the isles but primarily the central to eastern portions of the continent. Somenhiem is also home to the First Church of Somenhiem led by Father Tobias Mcaugh.  Father Tobias is also the Baron of Central Somenhiem.

After seeing Baron Zarl and Baron Lawson to the government district our characters follow Dolgrin to his minor task of delivering a message to Deyrril Lawson for Dyn’or out of Naper’s Dawn. Baron Lawson directs us to an estate inside a Lawson family owned area, this home carried the symbol of the church and the Saint of Lost Causes.

The Chessmen
What happened next, and what we realized later was that our character’s delivered the message to the wrong people- kidnappers and members of the Chessmen, a secret cabal of bankers who through finance gain political influence around the world.

But before that our characters are distracted by the succulent aromas of fried chicken, a welcome change to the all you can eat pork in Naper’s Dawn. Carpy’s had a good natured atmosphere where our characters were not the only adventurers. It was a gathering and meeting place that featured a message board and a sign that read ‘Carpy’s For Sale.’

As our characters converse we are identified as individuals of wealth and attract the attention of the owner Carpy and his wife Nappy where they tout the establishments amenities and discretion. Rydin asks why Carpy is selling to which he replies it was a promise to his wife, however each of them have their own reasons / frustrations regarding the politics and bureaucracy; but it has allowed them a living and retirement is looked forward to.

Deyrril Lawson
Our characters dodge his sales pitch but reserve three rooms for a week; this is when we realized our mistake by delivering a message to the wrong person and immediately return to Deyrril Lawson’s to find Deyrril and his servants tied up and “They have my niece! They came up through the sewers!”

After some questions we learn that ‘Blochy’ (Tancha the ‘bishop’ of the Chessmen) and the Chessmen want Deyrril Lawson to vote a certain way: a finance waiver that must be passed in a month- one day after the castle-skylord trade in Tower Falls is to take place.

Syrendross attempts scrying on Deyrril’s niece and finds her laughing and giggling in a moving wagon accompanied by Blochy with muddy boots and a woman. As they spoke Syrendross heard talk of a well chamber, keeping the girl safe from harm, and whatever happens now the die is cast and their hopes toward good investment plans, votes, as well as the ambient sounds of animals.

With this information Deyrril Lawson says there is a place where there is an unfinished section of wall in a district that allows pets that would also have a well chamber. We end session here and pick up next week investigating this area. 


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