Thursday, September 8, 2016

09/07/16 Virtues Session 58: Pushing Rope

Mythic Mr. Roper
Our session begins in Ashlye’s druid grove with Kyras’ Green Faith revelation that Restoration is now on the druid spell list (*House Rule)  as the rest of our characters divide the spoils from the past day’s conflicts. Remaining unclaimed magical and wondrous items are:

Brooch of Shielding (one 50 charges, second at 101 charges)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2, (eager) Mistmail, Ring of Spell Knowledge III, Heavy Mace +1, Studded Leather +2, Cloak of Resistance +1, and a Headband of Wisdom +2.

After this arduous task our characters set out to find Gazalcia, it is late in the day so when she is not at Casa de Calias Syredross decides to use a scrying spell, but when that fails the arcanist concedes the woman is somehow protected from his scrying as per her specialty.

Day 167. After a night of meditation where Rydin focuses on Myrddin Ogg’s Staff of Power and he gains a clear image of the staff. This image along with maps provided by Favray, allows Dramen to successfully teleport us to the subterranean cavern.

In the chamber our characters find pools of violet lava and the ruins of a structure where someone had curated noteworthy items from our hosts, later we learn the lava coloration is a by product of some of Shar’s magic being consumed by the lava flow during the Sundering centuries ago.

Mythic Beard
We find drow sign about the cavern but no where near the staff. As we investigate and theorize ways to bring out the staff from the lava (shadow magic, etherealness, greater blink were possibilities) our characters were set upon by vile ropers. The first a mythic roper, after neutralizing all the spellcasters, was killed by dreadful criticals from Rydin. The second a shadow roper, was destroyed by a single devastating vital strike totaling 170 hit points from Dolgrin.

With no immediate danger our characters had the time to reason out the staff from its centuries old prison; and when finally returned Rydin immediately grows facial hair like his host character. At this point Barit, Lapis, and Kotri become mythic and fully aware of our character’s avatar status.

In the cavern we find a ring of energy dampening, and other items for each of us not exceeding 25k gp. We are awarded +1 mythic trial and 15k exp. We will begin next game session in Bouvaldia on the morning of Day 168. 


James Caruso said...

**Syrendross will be trying to scry on Gazalcia again before our trip to Bouvaldia.

James Caruso said...

Edit: Session 58 (not 57)