Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Hag Who Loved Me

The Ambassador
The Ambassador studied himself in his lover’s boudoir mirror, making sure he had cleaned himself up from their morning tryst, smiling at its recent memory.  Mangarel, the beautiful woman who so easily seduced him the night before stepped into the chamber, moving behind her new lover with a soapy sponge.  The curvaceous redhead pressed her naked flesh against his back as she applied the sponge while cooing into his ear her appreciation of his manhood.  For several moments The Ambassador found himself lost in Mangarel’s charms until his desire to see his lover lead his eyes to gaze upon the mirror.  

Mangarel’s appearance shocked the ambassador, a scream erupting from his throat, before her grip upon him intensified, earning his cooperation and silence.  

Mangarel The Pit Hag Familiar
The Pit Hag Mangarel, now fully revealed to the Ambassador, flexed her grip upon him and said, “So Ambassador, tell me your King’s plans!”

Familiar's Illusion looks like Master

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