Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Leatherfin

Gun Captain Paultor
Ralikanthae ordered the ship Leatherfin set adrift watching it float to sea until finally passing the outer marker.  The Sea Master gave his Gun Captain Paultor the signal.  

Five canons along the Seawall were loaded and upon receiving the signal wicks were lit followed by the loud retort of cannon fire ripping through the air before crashing into the doomed vessel.  The screams of the prisoners onboard the Leatherfin were only heard after the noise of the initial explosions echoed away.  Ralikanthae called out to his faithful elementals in the strange Aquan tongue of the sea, encouraging his extra planar allies to utilize the prayers he had taught them upon any of the Leatherfin’s survivors. Soon after the Sea Master encouragement, the screams were no more. 

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