Monday, September 12, 2016

Z’hind-del Syrendross: Sixth Entry, Day One Hundred Sixty Seven

Protected in a three inch iron wood box, scorched and blackened from heat exposure, it had house symbol on the lid, one that I recognized immediately. In side the small box, lined with a purple cloth stitched with a symbol of Mystra, was a magical stone from another world.

The stone itself, I have discovered, is commonly called webstone in the Realms or spiderweb obsidian, is a stone coveted by underdark races for its fractal beauty and ability to retain enchantments. Webstone is an obsidian variety in which small pieces of the stone have been cemented together by heat and pressure in an irregular mass; the joints show as irregular, weblike lines. It is usually black with whitish join lines, like this one, but inferrior webstones of brown, reddish brown, and rust-red hues with lighter webbing is also known.

As I bring the stone from its protective box I am struck with a strange feeling of detached nostalgia when I first saw the webstone; then surprised elation when my mind aligned with Shar’s allowing me to recall the magical properties of the stone. Memories came in like a tide reminding me of how the stone originally came to Shar’s possession as a gift of the goddess of magic for heroics beyond the call of valor in saving the celestial child from Delrach the Vile

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