Thursday, August 11, 2016

08/10/16 Virtues Session 55: Rooks Rike We Made It

We begin this week’s game of Pathfinder as our characters, Heroes of the Dragons of Virtue, embark to a certain area of Somenhiem, the City of Walls and Bank of the World, to follow up on Syrendross’ successful scrying on Deyrril Lawson’s niece.  The sounds heard during the divination suggested a well chamber in an area of an unfinished wall where residential courtyards meet the noise and activity of the financial district.

With various magical detections in effect many of our characters were privy to the magic radiating from buildings, and symbols near a tool shed and one invisible hulk- a sentry our character’s learn his name is Gaelin, a member of the Eye. After some subterfuge and stealth our characters gain access beyond the shed and into the den of a group of Chessmen. Similarly dressed Pawns, two of which were tieflings; a yellow Knights, also known as the Inkmaker Tancha, and a similar outfitted green Knight; Bishops of both colors; and Rooks, each fell to Dolgrin’s axe, Kyras’ skill, or by magic.

In the end Tancha and a hand full of the other Chessmen surrendered and our characters rescue Deyrril’s niece. The heroes learn about this, recover massive amounts of treasure and gold, and discover Nissian’s hand at work; that he is the King and Tiamat the Queen of Earth’s Chess board who’s machination include gaining a foothold on a Cloud Continent above the Evening Isles.

We gain 30,480 xp and another mythic tier. 

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