Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Queen's Decision

Three Months Prior:
Tancha the Inkmaker Old Bloctchy
Two Knight magus stood in each corner of Tancha’s office study, faces hidden with shadow magic, just behind his desk when the ink maker entered his den.  Slightly surprised by their presence in his office, Tancha proceeded to his desk chair and asked, “Has it been confirmed?”   The Bishop Tancha sat down as the familiar voice of the magus Vesar replied, “Not completely.  It is true that Oude Heerser was assassinated, however..” Tancha interrupted, “King Oude Heerser! You speak the ancient giants name as if…”
Knight Magus Vesar Oquai
”Very Well, KING  Oude Heerser was assassinated, however the entirety of the Cloud Nation has not been conquered.” finished the Knight magus, “Our Rook estimates that three quarters of that continent has fallen to Caelum Rex’s forces. Or should I refer to him as King Rex?”

Tancha could hear the smirk in Vesar Oquai’s voice even if he was unable to see his face.  The Bishop always felt like he was being studied and judged by the Knight magus, today however was the first time that he openly ridiculed him.  Despite his anger at being disrespected Tancha knew Vesar would not be so brazen unless the Queen had come to a decision.  Before either Knight could continue with insults Tancha replied, “Tell the Queen  I will secure Deyrril’s cooperation but the Ferryman are his problem…You may leave.”

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