Thursday, August 18, 2016

08/17/16 Virtues Session 56: We Are At War

This week our session begins moments after our victory over the Whitebank Chessmen taking prisoners an individuals dressed as a Green Knight, and Bishop as well as a Yellow Rook and Bishop aka Tancha. They pleaded and questioned our characters about who we worked for dropping names like Blackstock Collection; the Knight even offering to renounce the Chessmen, but nothing they could say could dissuade either the Paladin or Druid. The reset of the characters gathered items won from battle.

Rydin leaves with the rescued niece as Kyras receives a message from Ashlye through the land learning Naper’s Dawn was under attack. Just as this message was relayed, Rydin intercepted a similar message intended for our characters from Gazalcia- Naper’s Dawn is being attacked by winged minotaur, ogres, and trolls.

Meanwhile Rydin hastily returned Deyrril Lawson’s niece, who we learn is the daughter of Baron Dackary Lawson’s sister, and explain to Deyrril the identities of who had taken the girl and the circumstances of her rescue. Deyrril is grateful but recognizes Rydin is in a hurry and explains ‘Lawson’s always pay their debts.’  Rydin says any gratitude can be repaid by aiding Naper’s Dawn right now.

Just as Rydin returns twenty armored individuals led by a half elf named Yapinski a sword master of no small skill who, after ordering half his men to place the Chessmen ‘in a deep, dark dungeon until he has time to deal with them,’ tells us he is here to collect each of us for a meeting with the Duke.

We are summarily escorted to the Duke Somenhiem in his war room surrounded by advisors, including the Duchess and Father Baron Tobias Mcaugh (who already has resources invested), around a map of the Evening Isles. ‘Gentlemen we are at war.’ Our characters intuit it’s a war between the cloud continent and the entire Evening Isles not just one gnome Warlord with a thirst for conquest. He gives us the run down on assets in Naper’s Dawn as well as a profile of the opposing side’s forces. Duchess Priscilla believes their target is Labiatar’s Hope. The Duke asks us to hold them off until such time as more troops arrive and in return the Duke signs our Bouvaldian book right then and there.

Dramen and Syrendross exchange notes and tell the duke they can take up to ten with our characters back to Naper’s Dawn with teleport spells. Our destination: the Sun Dial at Naper’s Dawn.

When we arrive we have about a minute to prepare before our characters, road marshal’s and innocents are set upon by ogres, undead, trolls, and winged minotaur. It was the first in a series of waves of warlord and skylord attacks that promise to last well into the night. Our first battle lasted eighteen seconds or 3 combat rounds before the second wave hit- gnome alchemists and gunslingers.
Libiatar's Mosh
On a positive note, we no longer do we need to expend mythic resources to contact our hosts.

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