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Duchy of Tier Ne Somenhiem

Tier Ne Somenhiem- Translated from Old Tongue means heaven on earth.  A very influential duchy all throughout the history of the isles, its lands provide the nation with many grains along with wood from its many forests. The woodworking’s of Tier Ne Somenhiem are among the most desired throughout the Isle’s. The Western Somenhiem Barony is known for its Oak and Pine forests, the two most prominent of which are White Oak Ridge and Split River Forest. The Central Somenhiem Barony is heavily populated with Iron Wood and Cedar, though no full forests remain in the Central region of Somenhiem. The Eastern Somenhiem Barony is still thick with forest, providing a physical borderline to the duchies Jeshal Macrear to the North East and Hoppen Coast to the South East.  The Eastern Wood is approximately 1000 square miles of forest made up of Elm, Fir, Hickory, Mahogany, and Maple. The Eastern Wood itself holds a variety of small regional communities built around the commerce of the land. Besides commerce the Eastern Wood communities are more likely to hold to the old Green Faith and resist encroachment by The Church.  In times past this lead to internal tensions between the three baronies but recently with the arrival of Benevolentia the Church of Somenhiem is too busy resolving internal strife to worry about the Eastern Forest Heathen..  The church is torn between those in Split River advocating for the wisdom the Dragon of Virtue offers and those in Central Somenhiem distrustful of all Dragons, unwilling to accept this celestial being.

Trusk- a port city that’s population has risen to 50,000 since The Sundering due to its unofficial status as a Safe Harbor City for those travelers who find themselves lost or stuck upon Evening Isles’ shores. Baron Dackary Lawson rules from his family estate in Trusk, making Trusk the county seat of the Western Barony.  Trusk has the greatest mixture of races of any Somenhiem city and has taken on a very cosmopolitan attitude among the populace. Due to all the races, a tolerance towards religion allows several churches representing unofficial faiths to flourish in Trusk.  The oldest of these churches reveres an ancient god of magic, Vishanti Agamotto.  The church building of Agamotto is famous throughout the Isles.  The building itself was crafted by Geribraldi and made from an unidentified stone the locals claim to be from “another world”.  The structure is a double pyramid, one resting atop the other at its most narrow point.  Despite the extreme density of weight on the two apex points of the Pyramid, not even the Sundering threatened the buildings stability.
Trusk Temple of Vishanti Agamotto
Somenhiem-capitol and largest city, Somenhiem is known as the Bank of the World. The banks of Somenhiem are known to hold many of the Isles riches along with the imagined riches of the world’s most powerful nations and individuals. The City itself is a master expression of city planning, the city has running water, a functioning sewer system, paved well maintained roads along with schools and hospitals.  Sometimes referred to as the city of walls, Somenhiem is not only surrounded by a great stone wall, 30 feet in height but many sections of the city, along with estates and merchant embassies are separated by tall well built walls. Somenhiem is the unofficial trade capitol of the EveningIsles, The ½ Elven Duke of Tier Ne Somenhiem has a well earned reputation as a fair arbiter of trade deals. Duke Faustus Somenhiem primary political support comes from The Ferryman’s League, a powerful merchant union active throughout the isles but primarily the central to eastern portions of the continent. Somenhiem is also home to the First Church of Somenhiem led by Father Tobias Mcaugh.  Father Tobias is also the Baron of Central Somenhiem.


Naper’s Dawn-a small tiered city of historical importance, Naper’s Dawn is the city that King Triskelion won a hard fought victory over the pirate led rebellion some 840 years ago.  Now primarily a trade city, Naper’s Dawn is also known for Labiatar’s Hope, a school paid for and operated by the Ferryman’s League.  The schools regimen and design was adopted by the other schools and universities throughout Tier Ne Somenhiem. Naper’s Dawn is also the Eastern county seat of Baron Sambrial Zarl IV.  The Sundering physically moved the majority of Naper’s Dawn, destroying the rest of city. It was the Ferryman’s League that rebuilt the city and returned order and opportunity to the people there.

Duke Faustus Somenhiem  ½ Elven Duke of Tier Ne Somenhiem
Duke Faustus Somenhiem
Duchess Priscilla Somenhiem 
Duchess Priscilla Somenhiem ½ Elven Arcanist wife of Faustus, mother of son Airius Somenhiem.

Airius Somenhiem ½ Elven Earl of Somenhiem , young teen male

Baron  Dackary Lawson, Human Western Barony
Baron  Dackary Lawson
Father Baron Tobias Mcaugh ½ Elf Central Barony

Pragidore Ellington Human female, Fifty percent of all wood trade in the Evening Isles comes from Ellington Trade Corp based in Naper’s Dawn.

Eversin Lawson not only famous in the Isles but known throughout many of the great cities of the world. Eversin is a  master linguist, artist, ambassador and connoisseur. The Lawson is a famous chess strategy perfected by Eversin, a chess master.

Atlab’Dhaun & Bae Isstra Husband and Wife Drow? The pair are in Trusk, their fame spreading due to their size Atlab is said to be thirteen feet tall and his wife ten. Rumors as to their heritage and motivations run rampant.
Atlab’Dhaun & Bae Isstra

Gorsch Berock

Gorsch Berock: Volcano Dwarf leader of Berock Securities.  The most successful of the many mercenary security units that serve bankers in Somenhiem.  Gorsch is known to be in the Zarl family’s employ. 

Road Marshal Commander Hather “Hate” Rycoal Dwarven Officer in charge of road security throughout the duchy.  Commands twenty five hundred soldiers that police the roads and protect lawful trade.  Road Marshals are incredibly well trained officer soldiers with search and seizure authority. 
Hather “Hate” Rycoal 
Benevolentia: Female Dragon of Virtue said to be in White Oak Ridge

Geribraldi-Deceased Gnome rock sculptor; his works are throughout the Isle’s but his museum and home are in Trusk.

Labiatar- An ancient human master elementalist from Naper’s Dawn who became the Duke’s mage.  The wizard was famed for his air elemental familiar  and The Academy he created in Naper’s Dawn. Labiatar is said to be buried in a metal casket  adorned with the arcane symbols of Vishanti Agamotto under the great Sun Dial in the courtyard of Labiatar’s Hope

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