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07/06/16 Virtues Session 51: Dramen’s Arcane Academic Scholarship Fund

Relics of Virtue
We begin with review of how our character’s items are evolving into relic status, taking on characteristics of their own and becoming recognizable. That covered, we discuss where to make our very public landing.

Our character’s arrival to Naper’s Dawn, in the midst of the three 30’-diameter wells, was welcomed by a clumsy show of respect from the low folk gathering street parade style; bards, still tuning up; and flag bearers waving attempts at the Bouvaldian colors come racing down the street from the Grumblebelly “…it’s the Bouvaldians!”

The wells, the streets, even the air had a pristine, impeccable quality. A guard, in a stuntedly rehearsed speech, greeted us and tried to buy time for the arrival of Baron Sambrial Zarl IV, who was also accompanied by Pragidore Ellington of Ellington Trade Corp.

The bards begin a well rehearsed rendition of the Bouvaldian Anthem “St. Callis Bay” as formal introductions are made- titles and achievements included. For Dolgrin he introduces himself as Paladin of Virtue while both Dramen and Syrendross each add Archmage to their list of formal declarations.

Baron Sambrial is cordial and invites our characters back to the Grumblebelly where they are treated to a tour as the Ambassador suite is prepared. Baron Sambrial informs our characters that Ferryman’s League members will be arriving all week in advance of the League Summit in seven days (on day 165, today is day 158).

The Grumblebelly is a large three story building encompassing three Naper’s Dawn city blocks. Our characters are led around and are introduced to many but not all the amenities Grumblebelly has from shops, steam baths, storm shelters, barber, tailor, ‘entertainment’, and several game parlors. It is revealed that the Grumblebelly is owned by the Merryweather family a founding Ferryman’s League member.

Our characters are shown to the Commons were a midmorning meal is arranged before finally arriving at the Ambassador suite, a two story affair full of amenities including a maid ‘Cuntsuela ‘.

With what looks like a week ahead of our characters, Syrendorss immediately expresses an interest for visiting the Academy, Labiatar’s Hope. Dolgrin suggests getting there before noon.

Labiatar’s Hope features its own fresh water well as well as a campus stylized courtyard of evenly honed cobblestones with a massive sundial prominent in the center easily the diameter of one of the main three wells of Naper’s Dawn. The Sun Dial bore symbols of Vishanti Agamotto as well as symbols of each elemental force. Investigation as well contact with our Host characters reveal that the Sun Dial was a creation of Keltischer Sanger the ‘Artificer’; both Dramen and Syrendross intuit part of the Sun Dial’s original function was to draw elements together in an attempt to bring artificial light to Earth before the Dawning making this Sun Dial very old indeed.

We are soon approached by school administrators, who seem quite disarmed at our characters arrival but seem polite enough. Sambel, school administrator, greets our characters along with History Professor Oughth, a multilingual scholar; and General Education Professor Eldnn who is also Dean of Academy Operations.

Elemental Sun Dial
They too extend a tour of the facilities to our characters despite their loss for words and our characters unexpected visit. They teach sorcerers to tap into their own abilities or ‘wild talents’ as well as many others at least one or two duchy languages. They average approximately two hundred students and is the go to place for misfits.

Syrendross asks about an astrology department and is referred then led to Nalirad, an unkempt basement dweller with a penchant for things astrological. Syrendross and Eldnn remains in the department of astrology while Dramen and the remaining characters continue Labiatar’s Hope tour.

Nalirad lamented how is colleagues assert that the movement in the skies is not solely the movement of the Evening Isles across Earth’s oceans but also it is the work of the gods and portents ill for the world. Over the course of three hours, Syrendross donated 500 gold in gems to Nalirad’s office and helped advance Nalirad’s work by three months time.

Meanwhile Dramen inquires about magical training and how much such rudimentary teaching would cost. In the end Dramen donated 5,000 gp for someone worthy of magical training but lack the funds to do so- Dramen’s Arcane Scholarship Fund. Sambel assures the boy-wizard there is a waiting list of prospects, this generous gesture will be recognized at the League Summit.

Back at the Grumblebelly Rydin and Kotri play games of strategy in order to invite curious individuals and or would be allies or adversaries. Some of the common folk come to play and to see the newcomers, even Kotri wins a Wendigo as a ‘bishop’ chess piece- a creature that looks like a humanoid feral wolf that remains as a local-regional threat.
Naper's Dawn

Soon a tall individual: Tristor Von Kreighton joins the games, gladly accepting a cigar while Tristor gauges Rydin and our deeper intentions. It surfaces that Tristor has visited Bouvaldia and likely passed through Emmerdin when the pass in the Macron Mountains was still open. Tristor asserts that a civilized Bouvalida would benefit the Isles as the Duchy serves as a first port of call for most who end up on the Evening Isles whether by purpose or accident. He warns Rydin that Bouvaldian connotations come with, however unfounded, a mindset of stereotypes. There are those in Naper's Dawn who do not agree with Baron Sambrial’s vision.

In the end, Rydin wins the spirited chess game and confirms eye membership with Tristor that stems into dinner plans at Tristor’s house on the morrow (day 159).

Over Naper’s Dawn Syrendross takes another look at the city from above accounting for the wells, the Sun Dial, and the street layout curious to find a hidden glyph or image in what is essentially ‘new’ Naper’s Dawn remade by the Ferryman’s League. Two things occur and are reinforced at this time: one, for Sanger many great feats were merely stepping stones to greater breakthroughs and two, these breakthroughs came in the form of great items of power to manipulate the ways.

Down in the streets Dolgrin and Kyras walkabout and happen across a Halfling real-estate broker who tries in vain to sell the them a horse farm, but after the selling price is revealed the broker suggests to the characters that entering into a merchant agreement would be the best course of action would serve the two heroes best. Mayhap the Merryweather’s or Ellington Trade Corp. Before Dolgrin and Kyras leave the shop, the Halfling asks the Dwarf Paladin not to embarrass any ‘brawlers’ while in town.

Later in their self guided tour Dolgrin and Kyras encounter a trade market and a gnome master-appraiser Dyn’or. Dolgrin trades an elemental gem and a favor for Eyes of the eagle; the favor being the delivery of a message to Deyrril Lawson in Somenhiem.

Baron Sambrial Zarl IV
Later, the two characters find a Church of the One Faith, a utilitarian building that has fallen into disrepair. They eventually find themselves in a location where Kyras begins preaching the Green Faith and performing with his wind instrument attracting about twenty individuals with positive reactions. Kyras is asked in regards to the natural state of ‘giants’ by a couple of kids opening up an intriguing plot of tribute paid to local ‘giants’ as well as knowledge of a pair of drow ‘giants’ that reside in Trusk.

5pm. Grumblebelly. Baron Sambrial stops in for a casual meeting checking on our welfare. In this Rydin is informed of an elven community north by 10 miles that Rydin my wish to visit by was not forth coming with any other information. As the Baron stepped out Grumblebelly's, four flaming wagons loaded down with Zarl and Lawson trade goods, barreled down the streets toward us. The attack was averted and no one was injured but it leaves us with questions on whom and why would someone want to do this. Was it a test of our prowess or a statement to not trust the newcomers or the commoners displeasure at the inaction of the Ferryman's League...

Soon Road Marshal Elmang arrives to a nonplussed crowd to question everyone and to assess the damage. In the chaos Kotri breaks off to hear the current clack of the populace: merchants, who cannot wait until the ‘giants get theirs’; and the common folk who are angry at the Ferryman’s League who refuse to pay tribute.

Meanwhile Marshal Elmang confirms reports that the wagons were moving magically and asks us, as outsiders like himself, to let him know if we discover any new information.

We begin next session the next day. 


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