Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Davron's Throw

325 years after the Sundering, two rival logging clans began feuding along the White River. Starting in Tier Ne Somenhiem, it emptied into the sea in the Hoppen Coast. It was here that the clans clashed. One side preyed on the other, and vice versa. The last day of the feud, the two clans faced each other with the river between them. It was too deep and fast flowing to cross easily. The treecutters on both sideems shouted insults, while their leaders strutted up and down the banks, glaring at each other and speaking to their lieutenants. Finally tiring of the inaction, Davron stepped forward and, with a mighty heave, threw his spear across the river. It impaled the rival leader, Gaylon Greytooth, spearing him to the ground. After a few minutes of stunned silence, the rival clan began to disperse. After an hour, the clan Davron called family had both sides of the river.

Slowly, a settlement grew on the east bank where the White River met the sea. Finally, in the modern age, it had reached a respectable size of approximately 3,500. Still a logging town, it also boasted a seaport as well as one of the gateways to the wilds of the Hoppen Coast, attracting adventurers far and wide.

Some of the notables in town:

The Banded Mage:  a noted sage, knowledgeable in geography, languages, magic, heraldry of the Isles and the world. Reasonable rates.
Rialto Mathene The Banded Mage

The Blue Feather:  a house of pleasure and delights, many a whisper can be heard here... for a price.

The Market:  while not as large as those markets found elsewhere, this market is renown for the exotic and rare items, especially found along the Street of Lamps, leading from the market.  Located straight off the docks.

The Death Of Gaylon

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