Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nobyka Thirty Years in Amber

Nobyka doesn’t remember a time with his people, his childhood memories begin with a year spent on The Galloping Sea Horse, a merchant schooner responsible for rescuing the young dwarf from the sea, a victim of an unknown sea battle.  The Galloping Sea Horse was captained by Yarvinhall, a human from Gibraltar.  When the ship finally docked after months of chasing a mythical land known as The Evening Isles, Nobyka learned that while Yarvinhall captained the schooner,  Amarayhar Narcoint a gnome merchant, owned the ship.  Amarayhar not only owned the ship but many businesses throughout the duchy of Verik Ny  that Nobyka learned they had just arrived in.   Nobyka spent his next fifty years as ward to Amarayhar Narcoint, was expertly educated while being treated like the son the gnome had never had.  When Amarayhar learned of his wards interest in alchemy he purchased the young dwarf a scholarship at Weisthall, a fine war college in the duchy of Lockshire.

Nobyka made his bones at Weisthall becoming an accomplished Alchemist and herbal healer.  The dwarf soon found himself recruited by the Dukes security services, providing alchemical support to field agents along with breaking down properties of foreign substances that were recovered.  It was in Nobyka’s third year of service that several field agents were infected by what Nobyka later found to be a unique strain of Lycanthropy.  Despite Nobyka’s best efforts, the infected agents he studied would succumb to their disease and have to be put down.  To defeat the disease Nobyka bravely infected himself under the watchful eye of his lab partner, an Elven priest named Jarrick.  Before infecting himself, the two traveled to an old Amber Mine Jarrick knew of where there would be less chance of Nobyka transformation hurting anyone.  The mine would also allow the two to test whether being underground would impact the transformative powers the moon took on the diseased.   The two spent many dangerous months attempting to learn what they could of the disease and search for a cure.  Jarrick had acquired a magic item from his family that allowed him to trap Nobyka inside the very amber of the mine.  The Elven priest would dutifully imprison his friend each time their latest cure failed to prevent the transformation.  Nobyka does not know when or why his friend Jarrick stopped coming or what has become of the elf.  Thirty years in the blink of an eye

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