Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Any News Cousin?

Kelmar rode into Naper’s Dawn astride his Palomino Barb handing the mare off to the GrumbleBelly’s stableman. A quick cantrip after dismounting and Kelmar’s clothing was as clean as when he first departed on his journey.  Kelmar entered a side service entrance, surprising workers who grimaced at the intrusion. 
Kelmar made his way to a back kitchen stairwell, hopping up the steps two at a time to the closed wooden door at the top.  Kelmar used another cantrip to open the thick Mahogany door cheerily calling ahead as he entered the den chamber, “Are you home cousin?”

Ollesa Merryweather jumped from her office chair, happily surprised, and embraced her cousin Kelmar Somenhiem.  The exchange of pleasantries was short before Ollesa confided “The guests have arrived and not a moment too soon!  Larosse Se-MarQuay is harassing all of our holdings and the SkyLords have come for their orders. 

“Perhaps it would be best if I returned to Somenhiem and informed mother of our troubles?” Kelmar inquired, eyebrow raised in mock challenge.

“My Aunt Priscilla is a stratagem better employed elsewhere or at least in last resort.  No I need your help here.  Tell me what you learned of Atlab & Bae, if the Skylords are approaching the Duke, their understanding of our culture is much further along than ever before. They are trying to cut out the Ferryman's League!”
Ollesa Merryweather 

Kelmar grimaced at the mention of the infamous giant Drow, holding his hands out as if to wave off the criticism that was surely forthcoming, “They are treasure hunters from a place they call Cloudhome, though they way they pronounce it sounds like Clowed-HUME.  They are completely devoid of any social decency!  They frequently HANDLE each other in a manner that especially egregious due to their giant statures.”

Ollesa’s features, initially darkening at her cousins failure to learn anything of importance was quickly overcome by laughter upon observing her cousins disgust and hearing his descriptions.  Ollesa’s laughter was infectious causing Kelmar to erupt in laughter with his cousin for several minutes.   After their laughter subsided Ollesa asked if Kelmar had at least discovered what treasures the two giant Drow sought.

“Oh yes, something about items created by a Sanger, someone named Keltischer Sanger?  
GrumbleBelly Rear Sky View


James Caruso said...

Cloudhome as in Bouvet Keep Cloudhome?


Gordzilla said...

Nothing like causing confusion, but you should eventually discover that no they are not the same

James Caruso said...

lol I got your back sir!