Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Syrendross In Reflection

Syrendross admired his tall slim form in the reflection of the full length mirror in the Ambassador suite at the Grumblebelly. Sounds of laughter and daily Naper's Dawn life filtered in from the open window also allowing in fresh wafts of succulent pork and smoked meats that whetted the drow’s appetite. He reflected on how far he and his friends have come and the enemies they have wrought. 

The archmage added two more ribbons to his hair to signify the colors of Tier Ne Somenhiem, a similar gesture the drow had made when earning the recognition of King Miraq Moshea; however that honor came with the drow addition of small colorful geometric stones to his personal outfit and not just fine colorful ribbons. The colors and stones contrasted his charcoal skin but complemented Syrendross’ and his Host’s penchant for expressionism.

Dawning his mythic cloak he noted the garnet's transformation over the course of his adventure, Syrendross thought of his friends and how he would not forsake his drow heritage and proudly stay true to his race despite how others view him. This did not exclude taking precautions however, and as some of Syrendross’ companions took to wearing different outfits, and even in rare cases carry different weapons, the drow doubted these precautions alone would divert any discriminating or perceptive eye nor ease all their troubles.

However, Syrendross reflected that by adding subtle accessories and details to his outfit along with extended daily magical precautions will hopefully turn away sinister minded individuals even as mundane information gathering on the Heroes of Virtue spreads. 


James Caruso said...

By spending one arcane reservoir point will increase my CL to 12; and two mythic points to extended non-detection, I should be able to cover a whole 24 hour day.

James Caruso said...

Or, rather than spend two mythic points, I could just use the extend meta magic rod I have listed on my character sheet. duh!